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The Rosewood Trio

The Rosewood Trio―Gloria Rowland on vocals and mandolin; Mac Magleby on guitar and vocals; and Peter Netka on the resophonic (dobro) guitar--reunites two friends and picking partners of the 1960s, Mac Magleby and Peter Netka.

In 1964 Mac and Peter were charter members of The Salt City Bluegrass Boys, one of the first traditional bluegrass groups to arise out of the folk era. This acclaimed group played and sang bluegrass around Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West until the end of the 1960s. The other members were Bruce Cummings (high tenor, mandolin and fiddle), Byron Davis (string bass), and Don Garnas (guitar, lead vocals). After about two years, Rich McClure replaced Don. While the group's members had started out listening to and playing folksongs in their early days, bluegrass soon captured their imagination.

The attraction of this music was its lively nature with the bright sounds of the 5- string banjo, the toe-tapping rhythm of the guitar, and the sweet soul of the fiddle. Along with all the music came the high-tenor, close-harmony singing that marks bluegrass as a unique music genre. The group was in love with bluegrass and in love with playing it. Their inspiration came from artists such as Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, and the Stanley Brothers. These bluegrass masters were from the Southern Appalachians and rarely performed in Utah, so records were the Salt City Bluegrass Boys' only link to them.

The Boys learned their songs and instrumentals by listening to the records again and again, etching each note into their memories, then laboring to duplicate each note in their own playing. Gloria Rowland, who hails from Virginia, sang and played guitar with the Greenwood Singers in the early 1960s. Later, while at college in Utah, she sat in with Provo gigs of the New Reliable String Band (Cary Howard, his brother Tanyu, Jerry Tuckett, and Richard Byron Bronk). Mac and Gloria performed together for four years at Sundance before joining Pete Netka to become the Rosewood Trio.


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