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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1735, 1130, 1150, and 1160, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
9:10am–1:10pmHenry BeckerArt 4635: Interactive Experiences
2:00pm–3:20pmJennifer Lynn JacksonSound Design & Music Composition
4:10pm–6:30pmMatt Rybin 00751070Center of Science and Math Education 
1009 PC Classroom
9:10am–10:30amPamela BalluckWRTG 3015-003
10:30am–12:30pmDarin ManoArch 2632 tutorial
1:50pm–3:30pmRobert BehraPortugese 3580
1110 MAC Classroom
9:00am–10:30amLisa SwanstromLiterature by the Numbers
10:40am–12:10pmLisa SwanstromDigital Humanities
3:40pm–5:40pmMartin NovakFA 4950 Interdisciplinary Capstone
6:00pm–9:00pmLane PetersPRTL 1151 Advanced Nature Photography
1120 MAC Classroom
9:10am–12:10pmPaula LeeFilm 3720 Alternative Game Development
12:20pm–1:50pmCheryll BorgFA 2000
2:00pm–5:00pmziegenfussMDLB 2010
1140 Lecture Classroom
9:00am–10:30amRick BereitUSPC ASW 
10:40am–12:10pmMegan WhittakerTHEA 2420 Intro to Playwriting
12:50pm–1:50pmDiane Cotsonas / Jeremy F...ITA Seminar Series
2:00pm–3:20pmKimberly JewTHEA 3790/3990 Theatre of the Pacific
3:20pm–7:30pmAiden Daoussis 00861089Study Group Accounting 
1170 Lecture Classroom
9:10am–10:30amJoshua LenartCVEEN 3100 
10:40am–12:10pmHallie HuberEAE 4900-023 Ethics in Games
1:00pm–4:00pmMarie PaivaEclectic Film Series 
4:00pm–6:00pmJennifer WattENVST 2050 class meeting
6:00pm–9:00pmMaloy, M.D./McGrath, M.City in Literature 
1701 West Entrance
12:00pm–5:00pmKapil SharmaBench-To-Bedside
1701H Gould Auditorium
7:00am–5:50pmIan GodfreyLighting Retrofit
1705X Audio Studio
2:00pm–4:00pmRobert NelsonKUtE PODCAST (Hayes)
1745 MAC Classroom
9:10am–10:30amCheryll A. BrogART 2060 005
10:40am–12:10pmCheryll A. BrogART 2060 006
12:20pm–1:50pmCheryll A. BrogART 2060 007
2:00pm–3:20pmCheryll A. BrogART 2060 008
3:40pm–5:00pmCheryll A. BrogART 2060 009
6:00pm–7:20pmCheryll A. BrogART 2060 004
1750B Study Room
8:00am–10:00amJoseph LymanME 1010 Team 45
10:00am–11:00amSepMath Tutor
12:30pm–2:00pmNAIntern Meeting
2:00pm–4:00pmHyeon KimGroup Study
4:00pm–6:00pmAshesh PandeyGroup Study
6:00pm–8:00pmWeiqian WangGroup Study
1750C Study Room
10:40am–12:10pmFarnsworthHEDU: Research Group
12:20pm–1:30pmEdmarMGT3000 Presentation Meeting
1:30pm–2:30pmJory PeppelaarFuels Institute Case Competition Call
4:00pm–6:00pmRiley MakarewiczAccounting
1750D Study Room
9:30am–10:30amNAGroup Meeting
12:20pm–1:50pmTyler C.SLD Study Group
1:50pm–3:00pmTrevor EichelbergerTrevor Eichelberger
3:00pm–5:00pmn/aKDChi Study Hour
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
9:00am–12:00pmManoArch Portfolio Session
1:00pm–3:00pmHolly K JohnsonARCH 2630-002
5:00pm–9:00pmKevin PerryART 9690-001
2103 Study Room
10:00am–12:00pmTom LoveStandard Optical Presentation Rehearsal
12:00pm–2:00pmNielsonSTUDY GROUP
2:00pm–4:00pmNielsonSTUDY GROUP
4:10pm–5:40pmn/astudy hour
2105 Study Room
9:30am–11:30amNakita SwaniganOffice Research
11:50am–12:40pmSei Im LeeSei Im Lee
12:40pm–1:40pmAndrea ThomasCaydens Reservation
2:00pm–4:00pmDeberniereTorreyKOREA Tutoring 
4:00pm–6:00pmAndrew EmrazianTeam Woof
2110F Open Employee Conference Space
10:00am–11:00amMarie PaivaULA program
2130N Hoopes Room
4:00pm–5:30pmNaina Phadnis and Beau Sp...BIOL 1210-004 Review session
6:00pm–10:00pmASUU Tutoring
2500 Digital Matters Open Area
9:00am–12:10pmTJ FerrillVR Workshop - Lisa Swanstrom
8:00pm–10:00pmTJ FerrillStudent Innovators Group
3000 East Entrance
10:00am–2:00pmLiz ReissMUSS
3400C Family Study Room
12:30pm–2:00pmDr. Kerrstudy group
5220 Staff Training Lab
2:00pm–3:00pmAnna NeatrourOmekaS Training
Level 1 Gallery
7:00am–11:50pmElizabeth RogersThe Birth of a Statue
Level 1 Lobby Gallery Cases
7:00am–11:50pmElizabeth RogersThe Birth of a Statue
Level 3 North Gallery
7:00am–11:50pmMartin NovakHold For Prof. Novak's Class Exhibition
Level 3 South Gallery
7:00am–11:50pmMartin NovakHold For Prof. Novak's Class Exhibition


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