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Developing Collections

Project Examples

  • ARPA Network at the University of Utah
    • Oral History Video :  Professor Lee Hollaar talking about how the ARPA came to the University of Utah in 1969

    • ARPANET Timeline :  To aid in the understanding of the development of this network, an interactive timeline spanning the ARPANET's existence (1969-1980) was created from maps and nodes for each year using ArcGIS.  A timeline was then created using Adobe Captibate, displaying the map for each year along with available node information through a user-friendly interface.
  • "Just Digitize It:  The Marriott Library's Endeavor to Bring Geological Scholarship to the World"
    • Initiated by members of the Marriott Library's Geospatial Information Committee, this project was created with the goal of creating georeferenced versions of geological thesis and discertaion maps, which have previously been unavailable online or in a digital format.
    • Project Video 
    • Google Earth Interface:  A Google Earth interface was created to make accessing and overlaying these maps in a 3-dimensional environment easier for those who have limited GIS experience or do not have access to GIS software.
  • TRAIL (Technical Report Archive and Image Library) Project
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