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3D Printing

Printing of 3D objects is available to University of Utah students, staff, and faculty at the Student Computing Services (SCS) desk on Level 2 of the Marriott Library. Printing can be done on a ProJet 160 powder-based printer or on a LulzBot Taz 4 plastic printer (ABS plastic).

Powder printing Plastic printing

$5 per cubic inch ($1 per object minimum), treated with:

  • Epsom salt solution (no additional charge)
  • ColorBond (stronger; $5 per cubic inch)

Payment is made at the time of the printing request

$3 setup fee per build
+ 4¢ per gram of weight (material cost)
+ 50¢ per hour of print time

Payment is made when you pick up the completed print

Left: Powder print, 8" long, $46.90 treated with Epsom salt solution. Right: Plastic print after removal of support material, $18.11. Model source: XYZ RGB Inc., from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository.

Using the Printer

First, review your model using the 3D printing guide to ensure that it is ready to print. If you need assistance with this process, limited consultation is available at the SCS desk 10am–2pm Monday through Thursday.

Once your model is ready to go, bring the completed STL file to the SCS desk on a flash drive and SCS staff will walk you through the submission process.

The minimum turnaround time is 2 business days. However, depending on the current print volume, the wait may be longer. You will be e-mailed when your job is complete and ready for pickup.

3D Scanning

A NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner, allowing you to create a 3D model from a physical object, is available for use in the Knowledge Commons. Visit the SCS desk to get started, or see the 3D scanning guide for more details.


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