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Study and presentation rooms are available for students to schedule, and larger classrooms and teaching labs are available for instructors to schedule. Additional unscheduled study rooms are available on Levels 2 and 3 on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to group study in these rooms.

How to schedule a room

  1. Click on Schedule a Room.
  2. Log in with your uNID and password.
  3. Click "Schedule" along the top.
  4. Enter the date of your reservation at the top of the page, and filter by capacity and resource type on the top left if desired.
  5. Find the room you want and click and drag to select the desired block of time.
  6. Fill in the information in the window that pops up: title (e.g., ESS 2500-001), class size, instructor's name, and other optional fields. If desired, you can choose to repeat a reservation here.
  7. Click on "Create" and confirm that your reservation was successful. You will also receive e-mail confirmation of your request.


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