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LanSchool Classroom Management Software

Computers should be facilitating education, not hindering it.

Technology has opened a world of possibilities in academia, but at the same time, it has introduced a whole new genre of problems.

Instructors have to compete with online videos, games, social networks, and pictures of cats for the attention of their students. Some have even gone so far as to eliminate the use of personal computers in the classroom altogether.

LanSchool consists of a range of innovative and easy-to-use tools giving instructors the ability to:

  • Monitor computer activity in classrooms.
  • Limit in-class distractions, keeping students focused and on task.
  • Bridge communication gaps, allowing students to ask questions immediately over chat, all without disrupting the lecture.
  • Assess student understanding, without the use of "clickers".

It aims to give instructors more control in the classroom. No more, no less. The hope is that both teachers and students will use LanSchool to redefine the classroom experience in the 21st century.

We are relentlessly changing, adapting, and refining the ways we learn. The same needs to be said about the ways we teach.

LanSchool was designed with ease-of-use in mind. The instructor’s interface, otherwise known as the Teacher Console, is both intuitive and simple. Simply clicking the appropriate button in the Teacher Console allows you to use most of LanSchool’s features.

LanSchool Teacher Console

There are a few ways instructors can use LanSchool to limit in-class distractions. They include screen blanking, application limiting, and web limiting.

Blank Screen

A student’s computer screen can be locked at any time. Each computer locked will become unresponsive and display a message telling the student to redirect their attention to the front of the classroom.

Limit Apps

LanSchool can limit applications two different ways: you can specify the applications to block or the applications to allow. By clicking on Limit Apps, any application specified by the instructor can be kept from launching on student computers. If the application is already running on a student’s computer, it will close immediately and then will not launch again. Specifying any application is as easy as typing its name onto a list.

Limit Web

Almost identical to Limit Apps, Limit Web has an additional “Block All” option.

An instructor can quickly and easily show his or her screen on each student’s computer with LanSchool. It is ideal for both instruction and demonstration.

A click of a button opens a window displaying the instructor’s screen on each student’s screen. Students can resize the window to their preference and easily read small text.

Communication is a very important aspect of the classroom. LanSchool offers the instructor two ways to do it, Messages and Chat.


Designed as a more general form of communication, they can be sent to one or multiple students for quick responses and general instruction. Any message sent is automatically saved and available to send later. Messages are fast and easy, allowing class to flow smoothly and avoiding interruption.


Chat takes a one-on-one approach to communicating with students. It is intended to be more personal and specific than Messages. An interactive chat session can be opened with individual students to answer their questions or explain further if necessary.


Students have the ability to ask the instructor a question at any time, without interrupting the lecture or class. Any question asked will appear on the instructor’s computer and will remain there until the instructor has the opportunity to answer it.

Although nothing beats face-to-face communication, there are certain instances where it isn't ideal, or possible. Some students may prefer to ask questions via chat to avoid the embarrassment of raising their hands and vocalizing their questions in front of their peers, or you may want to address a specific student without interrupting the rest of class. You can use Chat and Messages as a way to work around those situations.

Two of the most innovative and useful features of LanSchool, Vote and Testing, can be used to quantify and record each student’s understanding of classroom content.


Vote is a much simpler version of Testing, and is a great way to get the classroom’s opinion on a topic or question. There is no wrong answer with Vote, it simply gathers each student’s answer. It can be used with True/False and/or Multiple Choice questions. LanSchool will save classroom statistics as well as each student’s answer as a .csv file that can easily be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet application.


A much more detailed version of Vote, it allows the instructor to create and administer tests among his or her class. Tests can be created using True/False, Multiple Choice, and/or Essay questions. It also has options for different types of testing. These options include:

  • Timed Tests
  • Random Question Order
  • Full-Screen Mode

Full-Screen Mode is particularly helpful when instructors wish to keep students from accessing any files or applications while they are taking the test.

LanSchool provides a couple ways for instructors to monitor their students during class: Screen View, and Show Student.

Screen View

One of two ways to view students in the Teacher Console, Screen View shows each student’s computer screen as a thumbnail. This allows an instructor to keep an eye on multiple students, and while not as accurate as Show Student, does update periodically and shows the current application running.

Show Student

Show Student allows the instructor to view a single student’s screen in real-time. The instructor is shown that individual student’s screen with much more detail than with Screen View.

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To receive technical help, please report a problem.

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To use LanSchool, you must first request access.


Which classrooms have LanSchool?

As of now, LanSchool is only available in all Mac Classrooms in the Marriott Library.

Marriott Library Mac Classrooms: 1008, 1110, 1120, and 1745
Marriott Library PC Classroom: 1160

Where is LanSchool?

The is in the LanSchool folder, which is located in Applications.

Can I install LanSchool on my laptop?

Though we understand the desire, unfortunately, we are unable to install LanSchool on personal computers for a number of reason. First, our software license prohibits use of LanSchool on any computer other than our classroom computers. Second, a number of security and privacy concerns make it impractical. If you need to use your laptop for your class, all of the classrooms come with a KVM that allows you to easily switch between your laptop and the desktop included with the classroom. So, you can use your laptop to present and use the desktop for LanSchool.

Can’t I just purchase my own license for LanSchool?

Technically speaking, yes. Purchasing LanSchool for yourself is possible.

However, your version of LanSchool would be incompatible with our classrooms. Again, because of multiple security and privacy issues. It would be like buying a car without a driver’s license. You can do it, but why would you?


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