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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1130, and 1150, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
11:50am–1:50pmFA 3400-1 : Digital Visual Effects
2:00pm–4:00pmMark van LangeveldEAE 1410-0010 & 0011
4:30pm–8:40pmArt 4635-1 : Interactive Experiences
1009 PC Classroom
9:00am–10:00amAnne ErnestWriting Center Tutor Weekly Staff Meeting
11:10am–1:00pmSheila SconiersUUPM Lab
2:00pm–5:00pmMark JarmanEAE 4900-004 - Digital Painting
6:00pm–9:00pmIan GilmoreEAE 6900-005 Technical Art I
1110 MAC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amDr. Jennifer SeagraveEngineering LEAP Library Visit
9:40am–10:30amDr. Jennifer SeagraveEngineering LEAP Library Visit
11:50am–1:50pmLIEN FAN SHENFilm/FA 2600 Into to Animation
2:00pm–4:00pmRosi HayesFA 3700-1 : Multimedia Graphics
4:10pm–5:30pmN/AArt 2060-8 : NM Digital Photography
1120 MAC Classroom
8:00am–9:30amSimon BlundellFA 2000-1 : Computers and the Arts
9:40am–10:30amSt Clair/WoodLEAP 1101-007 Edu
10:40am–12:10pmN/AArt 2060-1 : NM Digital Photography
1:20pm–2:50pmBeilinWriting 2010
3:00pm–4:20pmMatt StokerCS 4962: Mobile Apps
4:30pm–6:00pmMatt StokerCS 4962-002 Mobile Apps
1140 Lecture Classroom
9:40am–12:40pmHolly JohnsonArt 3650-1 : 3rd Yr Graphic Problems
2:00pm–5:00pmHolly JohnsonArt 3650-2 : 3rd Yr Graphic Problems
1160 PC Classroom
9:30am–11:20amCarraherARCH 3050
11:30am–1:30pmTBAEcon 4650-001
5:00pm–8:10pmElizabeth Wolcott U091000...Students for Exploration and Development of Space 
1170 Lecture Classroom
8:00am–9:30amJill CurryPOLS 3001-001
9:30am–10:40amDavid WolskeDES 1631
10:40am–11:50amHeather StoneWriting 2010-02
11:50am–1:10pmMartine Green-RogersTHEA3720-002 History of Theatre
1:20pm–3:10pmTBAEcon Grad Class
5:00pm–8:00pmTaylor DrownePre=Pharmacy Club Event
1701 West Entrance
10:00am–2:00pmHeidi BrettPromote Survey Process
1701H Gould Auditorium
11:30am–5:00pmGreg HatchDepartment of Theatre: "Imagination, Empathy,...
1705A MAC Lab
1735 PC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amEngar, ALEAP 1100-002
9:30am–10:30amBliss, CJLEAP 1100-001
10:40am–11:40amLarsen, RLEAP 1100-009
12:50pm–1:50pmEngar, ALEAP 2700-001
3:00pm–6:00pmMark Van LangeveldEAE 3600-005 3D Modeling
6:00pm–9:00pmMark Van LangeveldEAE 3600-006 3D Modeling
1745 MAC Classroom
8:00am–9:30amArt 2060-9 : NM Digital Photography
9:40am–11:40amLaura DahlFA 3000-1 : Design for the Net I
11:50am–1:10pmSundy WatanabeWriting 2010
1:20pm–2:50pmJohn HorelEnvironmental Programming
4:30pm–6:00pmArt 2060-2 : NM Digital Photography
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
9:40am–12:40pmWinston KyanARTH 4060 Art & Politics in Modern China
2101 Dumke Study Room
10:10am–12:00pmHossam AhmedDissertation Prep
12:00pm–1:30pmWeiYuFive Sparks
1:30pm–3:30pmWenqian Zhangpractice for competition
5:00pm–6:30pmSretkoLEAP Team 4
6:30pm–8:30pmHossam AhmedDissertation Prep
8:30pm–10:30pmMarthaThe Bottom Line PWC 
2103 Study Room
10:00am–11:50amStacia BournePsy 3240 Adolescents Study Group Cram Session
12:00pm–1:00pmHarvey DamChinese 2010 TA consultation
1:30pm–3:30pmDeberniere TorreyKorean 3060 Tutoring TA
3:30pm–5:30pmTianaO Chem
5:30pm–7:30pmTianaO Chem
8:10pm–10:10pmPeter AlfeldMath 1210/1220
2105 Study Room
9:30am–11:30amRyan BaileyPHY
12:00pm–4:00pmSteve BaumMCAT (Prior to Policy)
5:20pm–6:40pmN/ASociology 3566 Group 2
6:40pm–8:40pmRosalie WallerDesign Research
8:40pm–10:40pmEvansWork Group
2130N Hoopes Seminar Room
1:00pm–2:00pmIan GodfreyASUU Tutoring Coordination
2:00pm–4:00pmGermainCS3500 MidTerm Review
6:00pm–10:00pmJustin Spangler 801-696-6...ASUU Tutoring 
3000 East Entrance
10:00am–2:00pmHeidi BrettPromote Survey Process
5220 Staff Training Lab
9:30am–11:30amKinza MasoodSIMP Process Mapping Sessions
Bloomberg Professional Workstation
7:00pm–8:00pmColton DyeJaren Rogers
MAC Laptop Cart (24)
9:30am–11:00amGreg HatchDES 1631 Design Communication 


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