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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1130, and 1150, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
1:00pm–2:00pmLeMireMPLA Demo Presentation
1009 PC Classroom
10:00am–12:00pmDonna ZiegenffussNvivo consultations
12:00pm–2:00pmDonna ZiegenfussAdvanced NVIVO
1120 MAC Classroom
11:50am–12:40pmStaffClimate Change
1:00pm–3:00pmAlan RogersHuman Evolutionary Genetics
1140 Lecture Classroom
7:50am–12:00pmElise GattiPRT Integrated Core
1160 PC Classroom
10:00am–12:00pmKrausGrant Writing For Foundations (Post-Docs)
3:00pm–7:00pmRizwan MohammedLOLSA
1170 Lecture Classroom
8:00am–12:10pmMary WellsPRT Integrated Core
1701H Gould Auditorium
10:00am–4:00pmTJ FerrilHalloween Party
1735 PC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amWebb, J.T.LEAP 1100-003
9:30am–10:30amWebb, J.T.LEAP 1100-006
11:50am–12:40pmDistlerWriting 2010
12:50pm–1:50pmDistlerWriting 2010
3:00pm–7:00pmRizwan MohammedLOLSA
1745 MAC Classroom
9:30am–1:00pmDavid WolskeDES 3320
2101 Dumke Study Room
10:00am–12:00pmTJ & ErikaMakerspace TA
12:00pm–2:00pmTJ & ErikaMakerspace TA
2:00pm–4:00pmMing WenBus 3870 
2103 Study Room
8:00am–10:00amBrayden Burton 00926333Business Class Study 
12:00pm–2:00pmDr. S.VeeraghantaLeap 3050 Research Group
2:00pm–4:00pmBoya SongCapstone
4:00pm–6:00pmBoya SongCapstone
6:00pm–8:00pmBoya SongCapstone
2105 Study Room
8:30am–9:50amFarnsworthresesrch group 
12:30pm–1:30pmJiTA Organic Chemistry Buddy Group
2:00pm–3:30pmFrancine MahakInterview
2130N Hoopes Seminar Room
8:00am–10:00amMary WellsPRT 3320 TA session
10:00am–12:00pmMary WellsPRT 3780 TA Sessions


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