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Angela’s Mixtape – DV-Disc E 185.97 D23 A58 2007  /  2007  79 min.  color  Languages: English
Eisa Davis and accompanists perform a musical montage of a childhood in Berkeley, where she grew up with her aunt activist and professor Angela Davis.  Part of the 2007 MLK, Jr. Celebration, University of Utah.

Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed – DV-Disc E 185.6 B645 2000  /  1968  55 min.  color  Languages: English
Looks at the changing image of black Americans through film and TV clips ranging from The birth of a nation, to Amos 'n' Andy, to Guess who's coming to dinner; Freedom Day School in Philadelphia, where African-American children were taught about their heritage and racial identity; and some of America's less familiar black heroes, including Daniel Hale Williams, the first doctor to perform open heart surgery in America..

Civil Rights Postponed: Angela Davis (Keynote Address) – DV-Disc E 185.615 D38 2007  /  2007  75 min.  color  Languages: English
Angela Davis is known internationally for her ongoing work to combat all forms of oppression in the U.S. and abroad.  Over the years, she has been active as a student, teacher, writer, scholar, and activist/organizer.  She is a living witness to the historical struggles of the contemporary era.  She gives the keynote address as part of the 2007 MLK, Jr. Celebration at the University of Utah.

A Day to Remember: August 28, 1963 -- V-Cass E 185.61 D39 1989  /  1978  30 min.  color
Over 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the 1963 civil rights demonstration in Washington, DC, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was here that Dr. King delivered his famous I Have a Dream speech, included in this video along with the views of three men who were principal participants in the march: Moe Tandler, and attorney for the Congress of Racial Equality in 1963; Rep. Walter Fauntroy (D-Washington, DC), an organizer of the march; and John Lewis, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

For Us the Living: The Story of Medgar Evers (Feature Film) -- V-Cass PN 1997 F56 1988  /  1984  84 min.  color
In 1958, a civil rights leader emerged in Mississippi who changed the course of black history.  His amazing courage, his lifelong struggle for equal rights and his painfully tragic downfall are recounted here.

Jim Crow’s Museum – DV-Disc E 185.61 J55 2004  /  2004  29 min.  color  Languages: English
The Jim Crow Museum of racist memorabilia is a 4000-piece collection of racist artifacts housed at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. The museum uses items of intolerance to teach tolerance. Jim Crow's museum is a fast paced tour through the continuum of anti-black material items produced in the past and present. Often disturbing, this flow of images and commentary is designed to remind the audience of the causes and effects of racism.

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow – DV-Disc E 185.61 R57 2002  /  2002  56 min. ea.  color-b&w  Languages: English  (1. Promises Betrayed (1865-1896)  2. Fighting Back (1896-1917)  3. Don’t Shout Too Soon (1917-1940)  4. Terror and Triumph (1940-1954)
Emancipation ended slavery but it was quickly replaced with a system of segregation and terror euphemistically known as Jim Crow.  This series offers the first comprehensive look at race relations in America between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Slavery and the Making of America – DV-Disc E 441 S626 2004 v.1-4  /  2004  60 min. ea.  color  Language: English  Subtitles: English, Spanish
1. The Downward Spiral – Focusing on Dutch New Amsterdam, this program illustrates how slavery in its early years was a loosely defined labor source similar to indentured servitude.  It culminates with the bloody Stono rebellion in South Carolina, which led to the passage of “black codes,” regulating virtually every aspect of slaves’ lives.  2. Liberty in the Air – This segment explores the continued expasion of slavery in the colonies, the evolution of a distinct African American culture and the roots of the emancipation movement.  Also examined is the strength and inspiration many slaves found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution despite the inherent contradictions between what those documents expressed and what this country practiced.  3. Seeds of Destruction – As the nation expanded west, the question of slavery became the overriding political issue.  These years saw an increasingly militant abolitionist movement and a widening rift between the North and the South.  4. The Challenge of Freedom – This final episode examines the Civil War, the Reconstruction and beyond., including the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and militant white opposition to black rights.  It also looks at the end of the Reconstruction and the new form of legalized oppression that replaced it.

The Souls of Black Girls – DV-Disc E 185.86 S685 2008  /  2008  52 min.  color  Languages: English
A provocative news documentary that takes a critical look at media images--how they are instituted, established and controlled. The documentary also examines the relationship between the historical and existing media images of women of color and raises the question of whether they may be suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media image

(Streamed) Struggles in Steel    /  1996  58 min.  color
Documents the history of discrimination against black workers and their struggle for equality on the job. A collaboration between black steelworker Ray Henderson and his high school buddy, independent filmmaker, Tony Buba. Together they interviewed more than 70 retired black steelworkers who tell of struggles with the company, the union and white co-workers to break out of the black "job ghetto" of the most dangerous, dirty and low paid jobs.

Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson – DV-Disc GV 1196 J64 U54 2005  /  2004  3 hrs. 40 min.  b&w-color  Languages: English  Subtitles: English
This film tells the story of the first African-American boxer to win the most coveted title in all of sports and his struggle, in and out of the ring, to live his life as a free man.

Utah’s African-American Voices — V-Cass F 835 N4 U826 1999 / 1999 56 min.  color
This program captures the African-American experience in Utah through interviews with historians, educators, community leaders, and the personal stories of both longtime residents and those new to the area.

Utah's Black Legacy -- V-Cass F 835 N4 U83 1987  /  1987  60 min.  color
Provides an insight into the black culture of Utah, its history, its contributions to the ethnic fabric of Utah's communities and its challenges and aspirations for the future.

(Streamed) Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad  /  59 min.
Defiant, brave and free, the great abolitionists Thomas Garrett, William Still and Harriet Tubman, along with hundreds of lesser known and nameless opponents of slavery, formed a Corridor of Courage stretching from Maryland's eastern shore through the length of Delaware to Philadelphia and beyond - making the Underground Railroad a real route to freedom for enslaved Americans before the Civil War. Long-format interviews with prominent historians blend with dramatic reenactment to create a powerful story about the fight to end slavery.

As Good As It Gets – DV-Disc PN 1995.9 C55 A84 1998  /  1997  139 min.  color  Languages: English, French  Subtitles: English French, Spanish
Melvin Udall is an obsessive-compulsive novelist with Manhattan’s meanest mouth.  But when his neighbor is hospitalized, Melvin is forced to babysit her dog.  And that unexpected act of kindness helps put Melvin back in the human race.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (animated) – V-Cass PN 1997.5 B4 1997  /  1975  25 min.  color
Valentine’s Day is almost here! It seems everyone in the whole wide world is going to receive a special card or flowers or maybe even candy.  Everyone except Charile Brown, who waits and waits by his mailbox, hoping someone – anyone – will send a card.

Casablanca — DV-Disc PN 1997 C352 1998 / 1943 103 min.  b&w  Languages: English, French Subtitles: English, French
Ilsa Lazlo and her fugitive husband, a leader of Europe’s underground, must obtain visas to guarantee their transit to America.  Richard Blaine, Ilsa’s former lover becomes an accomplice in the endeavor to assure their safe departure.

(500) Days of Summer – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 F58 2009  /  2009  95 min.  color  Languages: English, French, Spanish  Subtitles: English, Spanish
An offbeat romantic comedy about a woman who doesn’t believe true love exists, and the young man who falls for her.

French Kiss – DV-Disc PN 1997 F7437 1999  /  1995  111 min.  color  Languages: English, French  Subtitles: English, Spanish
When her fiance is smitten by a beautiful Frenchwoman, Kate flies to Paris determined to win him back.  However, nothing prepares her for Luc, a cunning, sexy Frenchman with a gift for gab and a fondness for thievery.  A self-proclaimed expert on affairs of the heart, Luc promises to help Kate win back her man.

It Happened One Night – DV-Disc PN 1997 I76 1999  /  1934  105 min.  color  Languages: English, Spanish  Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai
Spoiled Ellie Andrews escapes from her millionaire father, who wants to stop her from marrying a worthless playboy.  En route to New York, she gets involved with an out-of-work newsman.  When their bus breaks down, the bickering couple set off on a madcap hitchhiking expedition.

(Streamed) Love  /  53 min.
Beginning with the Sumerians and other ancient civilizations, this program seeks to understand love’s social rituals and its interrelated physiological imperatives. Topics under consideration by anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, psychoanalyst Malek Chebel, biologist Robert Francoeur, and author Morton Hunt include pair bonding; platonic, courtly, and romantic models of love; homosexuality; inhibitions vs. promiscuity; and behaviors such as flirting. Some content may be objectionable.

The Mating Game (TRIUMPH OF LIFE) – V-Cass QH 546.3 T75 2001 v.2  /  2000 60 min.  color
Sex is the key to the immortality of genes, and any tactic necessary will be deployed in the cause of reproduction – even if it’s suicidal to the participant.  This episode explores many of the most ingenious, complex and dramatic methods of ensuring the continuation of a species.

  Shrek (animated) – DV-Disc PN 1997.5 S474 2001  /  2001  93 min.  color  Languages: English, French, Spanish  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
This is Shrek’s daring quest to rescue feisty Princess Fiona with the help of his lovable Donkey and win back the deed to his beloved swamp from scheming Lord Farquaad.

The Taming of the Shrew (ACT)(BROADWAY THEATRE ARCHIVE) – DV-Disc PR 2832 A23 T36 2002  /  1976  120 min.  color  Languages: English
Shakespeare’s comedy about the two unmarried daughters of a wealthy Italian merchant.  Bianca is genteel and popular, while Kate is foul-tempered and strong-willed.  No one dares marry Kate, until Petruchio comes along and tries his hand at taming her.

When Harry Met Sally – DV-Disc PN 1997 W427 2001  /  1989  96 min.  color  Languages: English  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Will sex ruin a perfect relationship between a man and a woman? That’s what Harry and Sally debate during their trip from Chicago to New York.  And eleven years later, they’re still no closer to finding the answer.  Will these two best friends ever accept that they’re meant for each other…or will they continue to deny the attraction that’s existed since the first moment?


  Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom -- V-Cass E 457.2 A27 1992  /  1992  60 min.  b&w-color
This special retrospective uses readings and narration of Lincoln's words, still photographs and other visual material to present an in-depth portrait of Lincoln.

(Streamed) George Washington (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) / 50 min.
This program follows archaeologists and historians who have found fresh clues about the real George Washington. Their high-tech tools and techniques are peeling back layer after layer of misunderstanding and revealing the Founding Father we hardly knew.

George Washington - The Man Who Wouldn't be King (THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE) -- V-Cass E 312 G46 1992  /  1992  60 min.  color
George Washington has been sculpted, painted, emulated and deified for more than 200 years, but few Americans have any idea who he was.  This program explores our first President's relationship with his troops and the revolutionary cause; with his slaves and his fellow founding fathers.  It gives us an unconventional look at the man who insisted that America be a democracy.

Lincoln – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 L56 2013  /  2013  150 min.  color  Languages: English, French, Spanish  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
A revealing drama that focuses on the 16th president's tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country, and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.

(Streamed) Lincoln  /  140 min.
Burdened by a tragic family life, suicidal urges, and unsettled sexuality, Abraham Lincoln was able to employ his powerful wit and innate charm to transform his inner demons. Filmed as if through the president’s own eyes, this episode of Biography captures the dark soul behind one of history’s brightest lights. Interviews with leading Lincoln biographers such as Gore Vidal, Jan Morris, and Harold Holzer are also included.

Meet George Washington (AMERICA: A LOOK BACK) -- V-Cass E 312 M43 1990  /  1990  60 min.  color
A humanizing portrait of Washington as Virginia farmer, canny businessman, ambivalent but courageous general and reluctant first president of a fledgling republic.



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