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Suggested Viewing

Recommended viewing for the season at hand.

Blackboard Jungle – DV-Disc PN 1997 B489 2005 / 1955 100 min. b&w Languages: English, French Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
A dedicated young teacher soon loses his idealism when he has to deal with the tensions that threaten to destroy his classroom.

Streamed: College Days, College Nights / 2004 92 min. color
Sixteen students search for knowledge, fun, love, sex, and a path to a rewarding career as this documentary tracks them through one academic year at the University of British Columbia. Partying, clubs, and sports compete head-to-head with classes and sleep—but campus life is only one part of this compelling story. The other revolves around that age-old transition from child to adult known simply as growing up.

Dead Poets Society – DV-Disc PN 1997 D42158 1998 / 1997 129 min. color Languages: English, French Subtitles: English
English professor John Keating, who, in an age of crew cuts, sport coats and cheerless conformity, inspires his students to live life to the fullest, exclaiming "Carpe Diem, lads! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!" The charismatic teacher's emotionally charged challenge is met by his students with irrepressible enthusiasm--changing their lives forever.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (Martin Clunes)(MOBIL MASTERPIECE THEATRE) – DV-Disc PN 1997 G6656 2004 / 2002 120 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English
Arthur Chipping is the new Latin master at an English boy's boarding school. The eccentric schoolmaster lives a full, rich life within the cloistered school, defined by his role as the intellectual shepherd of generations of young students. Then while traveling through the countryside on summer holiday, he unexpected falls in love. His new wife ignites his passion and brings him out of his shell. Spans over 50 years in the life of Mr. Chipping.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 H367 2006 / 2005 157 min. color Languages: English, Spanish Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests. In the unsuspecting lives of the students at Hogwarts, the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement: Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry. Now Harry has to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school.

High School Musical – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 H54 2006 / 2006 98 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English
A popular high school basketball star and a shy, academically gifted newcomer secretly decide to audition for their school's musical, a decision that turns their world and their school upside down.

Stream: Moving On to High School / 16 min. color
Research shows that the transition from middle to high school can be a high-risk time for youth. When they enter high school, young people face social, psychological, and educational challenges as they prepare for the future. This program identifies how these challenges can lead to the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Bowling Faults & Fixes – DV-Disc GV 903 B694 2006 / 2006 70 min. color Languages: English
Six-time PBA Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams, Jr. presents techniques for correcting common bowling errors, covering: how to convert more spares; proper delivery technique; increasing power and ball rotation; proper timing.

Dogtown and Z-Boys (Special Edition) – DV-Disc GV 859.8 D64 2002 / 2002 91 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English, French
The story of a gang of discarded kids who virtually revolutionized skateboarding with an aggressive style, awe-inspiring moves and street smarts, and in the process, transforming youth culture forever. Captures the rise of the Zephyr skateboarding team from Venice's Dogtown, a tough "locals only" beach with a legacy of outlaw surfing, who used abandoned swimming pools to sharpen their skills.

The Legend of Bagger Vance – DV-Disc PN 1997 L416 2001 / 2000 127 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English
The protagonist of this metaphysical fable is Rannulph Junah, Southern aristocrat and World War I hero. In a tournament in Savannah, he defeats two golf pros by following the teachings of his guru, Bagger Vance, a black mystic serving as his caddie.

Prefontaine – DV-Disc PN 1997 P722 2002 / 2002 107 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English
The film features the true-life story of legendary track star Steve Prefontaine, the exciting and sometimes controversial "James Dean of Track."

Streamed: Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story / 2002 51 min. color-b&w
In pre–World War II Vancouver, the Asahi baseball team was unbeatable, outplaying the taller Caucasian teams and winning the prestigious Pacific Northwest Championship for five straight years. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Canadian government sent every person of Japanese descent, whether born in Canada or not, to internment camps. Faced with hardship and isolation, the former Asahi members survived by playing baseball.

Streamed: Tennis / 2012 26 min. color
The modern game of tennis can be traced back to 18th-century France, where it was once played using bare hands instead of rackets. An overview of the game is provided in this program, with information on techniques, terminology, types of racquets and tennis shoes, categories, and variations of the field of play according to International Tennis Federation rules. Viewers learn details such as what constitutes a set, and the serve, forehand drive, backhand drive, volley, drop shot, drop shot return, and smash are all demonstrated.

University of Utah 2005 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Champions – DV-Disc GV 957 T68 A23 2005 / 2005 128 min. color Languages: English
This program presents the complete 2005 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl with the University of Utah Utes and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers competing in Tempe, Arizona.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season – DV-Disc PN 1992.77 B54 2008 / 2007-2008 355 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai (1. Pilot, The Big Bran Hypothesis, The Fuzzy Boots Corollary, The Luminous Fish Effect, The Hamburger Postulate, The Middle Earth Paradigm 2. The Dumpling Paradox, The Grasshopper Experiment, The Cooper-Hofstadler Polarization, The Loobenfeld Decay, The Pancake Batter Anomaly, The Jerusalem Quality 3. The Bat Jar Conjecture, The Nerdvana Annihilation, The Pork Chop Indeterminacy, The Peanut Reaction, The Tangerine Factor)
Physicists Leonard and Sheldon get their lives shaken up when an attractive young woman named Penny moves in to the apartment across from theirs.

Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season – DV-Disc PN 1992.77 B74 2009 v.1 / 2008 346 min. color Languages: English Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (1. Pilot, The Cat's in the Bag, ...And the Bag's in the River 2. Cancer Man, Gray Matter, Crazy Handful of Nothin' 3. A No-Rough –Stuff-Type Deal)
Walter White is a down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher struggling to make ends meet for his wife and physically challenged son. Everything changes when Walter receives a startling diagnosis: terminal lung cancer. With only a few years to live and nothing to lose, Walter uses his training as a chemist to cook and sell crystal meth with one of his former students. As his status grows, so do his lies, but Walt will stop at nothing to make sure his family is taken care of after he's gone, even if it means putting all their lives on the line.

Cities of the Underworld (The Complete Season One) – DV-Disc TA 712 C581 2007 v.1-4 / 2006 94-188 min. ea. color Languages: English (1. Scotland's Sin City, Hitler's Underground Lair, Rome's Hidden Empire, Catacombs of Death / 188 min. 2. City of Caves, New York, London's Lost Cities, Beneath Vesuvius / 188 min. 3. Freemason Underground, Dracula's Underground, Secret Pagan Underground / 141 min. 4. Underground Bootleggers, Rome: The Rise / 94 min.)
This series peels away the layers of time--often literally hundreds of feet thick--to expose the incredible pasts lurking beneath some of the most populous cities on earth. Throughout the world, cities such as Paris, New York, Rome and Shanghai all harbor long-submerged networks that once served crucial functions, from eerie catacombs to clandestine hideouts and ancient aqueducts to underground societies. Now, this series examines these mysterious realms, from the technological feats of their construction and the myths and lore that have cloaked these subterranean marvels for centuries.

Leave It To Beaver (The Complete First Season) – DV-Disc PN 1992.77 L41 2005 v.1-3 / 1957 30 min. ea. b&w Languages: English Subtitles: English (Disc 1: Beaver Gets "Spelled", Captain Jack, The Black Eye The Haircut, New Neighbors, Brotherly Love, Water, Anyone?, Beaver's Crush, The Clubhouse, Wally's Girl Trouble, Beaver's Short Pants, The Perfume Salesmen, Voodoo Magic, Part-Time Genius Disc 2: Party Invitation, Lumpy Rutherford, The Paper Route, Child Care, The Bank Account, Lonesome Beaver, Cleaning Up Beaver, The Perfect Father, Beaver and Poncho, The State vs. Beaver, The Broken Window, Train Trip, My Brother's Girl, Next-Door Indians Disc 3: Tenting Tonight, Music Lesson, New Doctor, Beaver's Old Friend, Wally's Job, Beaver's Bad Day, Boarding School, Beaver and Henry, Beaver Runs Away, Beaver's Guest, Cat Out of the Bag)
Join the Cleavers, America's quintessential family. Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver can't seem to avoid trouble, and his older brother Wally, and mischievous pal Eddie Haskell, aren't any help. But with some wise advice from his father Ward and mom's home-cooked meals, Beaver learns that all's well that ends well.

Stream: Man of the House: America in Primetime / 56 min. color
This episode showcases the evolution of the man of the house from the king of his castle in classic family sitcoms to a more intricate, conflicted figure in modern shows.

Mission: Impossible – DV-Disc PN 1992.77 M577 2006 / 1966-1967 23 hrs. 23 min. color Languages: English (1. Pilot, Memory, Operation Rogosh, Old Man Out pt.1 2. Old Man Out pt.2, Odds on Evil, Wheels, The Ransom 3. A Spool There Was, The Carriers, Zubrovnik's Ghost, Fakeout 4. Elena, The Short Tail Spy, The Legacy, The Reluctant Dragon 5. The Frame, The Trial, The Diamond, The Legend 6. Snowball in Hell, The Confession, Action!, The Train 7. Shock, A Cube of Sugar, The Traitor, The Psychic)
The head of the "Impossible Missions Force", a top-secret government group of operatives, starts a tape recorder and finds out about his latest assignment. Throughout most of the series, they would have to stop some petty dictator or powerful bad guy from whatever evil plot they had against the U.S. or Democracy in general. The elaborate use of electronic gadgetry, masters of disguise and detailed plans that require split-second timing made this TV show an "on the edge of your seater"!

Stream: Pioneers of Television: Game Shows / 56 min. color-b&w
This program traces one of broadcasting's most popular genres from its beginnings in radio through its heyday in the late 1960s.



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