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Open Access Publishing Fund

The J. Willard Marriott Library is pleased to make funds available, on a limited basis, to offset open access article processing fees where outside funding is not otherwise available. Proposals from faculty, staff, and students on main campus (excluding law) will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Wednesday, May 15, 2013 and ending Friday, May 31, 2013.

The purpose of the Open Access Publishing fund is to foster seamless access to U of U- authored journal articles and to help re-envision traditional scholarly journal publishing.

Free to Read and Free to Reuse

Open Access means free to read, download, copy, distribute, print-out, or link to without any legal, economic, or technical barriers  short of an Internet connection. However, open access does not mean free to produce and this fund helps address this aspect of open access publishing.  

Many universities and research institutions make their scholarly research available free to the public online through an institutional or disciplinary repository such as USpace at the University of Utah. This so-called "green route" allows for public access, but does not always address the exclusive assignment of copyright within scholarly publishing. The so-called "gold route" allows for both free access as well as open reuse allowing authors to retain their copyright while sharing some rights with publishers and readers.

Eligible Authors

The OAP Fund is available to any University of Utah faculty member, post- doctoral researcher, staff member, or student author from departments located on main/lower (excluding law) campus.

Eligible Articles

OAP funds apply to article-processing fees for scholarly peer-reviewed articles in open access (a) or hybrid (b) journals. Articles submitted for publication after January 1, 2013 are eligible for this program.

a) Journals which are fully Open Access. Content of the entire journal is freely available online immediately upon payment of the article processing fee. Examples of publishers with suites of fully Open Access journals that charge submission fees include:BioMed Central (BMC)Co-Action PublishingHindawi Publishing Corporation, and Public Library of Science (PLoS).

Fully Open Access journals from publishers who have few such journals are also eligible. For example, Oxford University Press has Nucleic Acids ResearchDNA Research, and Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

b) Journals which are not fully Open Access but which allow individual articles to be made freely available online immediately upon payment of the submission fee. These are known as "hybrid" Open Access journals. To be eligible for funding in this category, the publisher must plan to make (in the next subscription year) reductions to the institutional subscription prices based on the number of Open Access articles in those journals. To date, few publishers have done this; these include Oxford University Press, which has reduced OA fees for the hybrid journals in its Oxford Open program, and the American Institute of Physics, which has done the same for its Author Select program. Other publishers may take this step in the future.

NOTE: Springer announced in 2010 that the uptake of their hybrid OA Open Choice program affected 2011 subscription prices. See the announcement for more details.  This means that Springer Open Choice articles are now eligible for coverage under the Open Access Authors Fund.

To find out more about Open Access journals, two good sources are the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and the Sherpa Romeo list of hybrid journal programs. 

Institutional Repository
As an added service, Marriott Library will deposit a copy of funded articles in the University of Utah’s institutional repository, known as USpace. The placement of an article in the repository helps to build the collection of University of Utah-authored publications, supports the "Green" or self-archiving arm of the open access movement (see image on the main OA fund page), and gives the article an added element of preservation.

No Other Sources of Funding Available

The OAP Fund is a limited resource intended to support open access publishing across main (lower) campus. We expect researchers to request funding for open access publication from their funding agency if they can do so. If such funds are not available, we welcome your application to the OAP Fund. (For those on the health sciences campus, the National Institutes of Health, the Wellcome Trust, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will all fund open access publication as part of their research grants).

Article Reimbursement Cap 
The maximum dollar amount that the OAP Fund will reimburse for a single article during the trial period is $3,000.

Fund Cap 
J. Willard Marriott Library has committed $20,000 for the current round. Funding will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Regular Review 
All aspects of this program, including the amount of funding committed to the program, will be analyzed and reviewed when the round ends on May 31, 2013.

Application Process You must be able to answer "yes" to all the questions below to be eligible to apply for OAP Funds. 1. Are you a U of Utah faculty or staff member, postdoc, or currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student on main (lower) campus? 2. Are you applying for funds to help underwrite article-processing charges related to publishing your peer-reviewed scholarly article in an open-access journal or hybrid journal? 3. Are you publishing in an open-access or hybrid journal that has publicly available a standard article fee schedule; is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association OR adheres to its Code of Conduct; has a policy to waive fees in cases of economic hardship? 4. Can you confirm that you do not have any other source of funding to cover article-processing fees? 5. Will your article be accepted for publication after January 1, 2013?

Report from December 2012 Funding Round

The fifth round of funding was available from December 5 to December 12. We received four applications totaling $8,543 in requests; all were funded. The purpose of the fund is to provide seamless access to journal articles written by University of Utah faculty, research staff, and students.

Name Department Student, Staff, Faculty Journal Article Publisher Fee
Xiaojin Jiao Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Optics Express Optical antenna design for fluorescence enhancement in the ultraviolet Optical Society of America $1,743
Frances Wilby Social Work Associate Professor (Lecturer) Journal of Depression and Anxiety Attitudes toward Seeking Treatment for Depression among Community Dwelling Elders in a Western City in the United States Omics $900
Tim Garrett Atmospheric Sciences Associate Professor Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions Ground-based remote sensing of thin clouds in the Arctic Copernicus $1,700
Dale Clayton Biology Professor Journal of Visualized Experiments Methods for manipulating avian defense behavior against ectoparasites JOVE $4,200

Report from August 2012 Funding Round

Notification to apply for the fourth round of Marriott Library’s Open Access Publishing Fund was sent via campus email on Friday, August 3. We received 14 eligible applications totaling $26,105 in requests; all were funded. The purpose of the fund is to provide seamless access to journal articles written by University of Utah faculty, research staff, and students.  



Student, Staff, Faculty Journal Article Publisher Fee
Matt Haber Philosophy Assistant Professor The American Journal of Bioethics Reframing the Ethical Issues in Part-Human Animal Research: The Unbearable Ontology of Inexorable Moral Confusion Taylor and Francis $3,250
Michael Shapiro Biology Assistant Professor PLoS One A coding mutation in Mc1r is not associated with color polymorphism in the domestic pigeon Public Library of Science $1,215
Kevin A Henry Geography Assistant Professor International Journal of Health Geographics Enumeration Area Probability of Assignment Error : An Overview BioMed Central $1,670
Brian Baucom Psychology Assistant Professor PLoS One Spouses who benefit from couple therapy show increases in spontaneous eye blink rate Public Library of Science $1,215
Xianzong Xie Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Applied Physics Letters Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 and Parylene C bi-layer encapsulation for chronic implantable electronics American Institute of Physics $1,800
Ryan Donald Burns Exercise & Sport Science Graduate Student Journal of Obesity Body Composition and Core Muscular Fitness in School-Aged Children Hindawi $1,200
Jose Crespo Biology Graduate Student PLoS ONE Pheromone tracking in moths depends on pre-flight warm-up behavior Public Library of Science $1,215
Ajay Nahata Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Light: Science & Application Direct measurement of the dielectric properties of different metals using surface plasmon-polaritons and terahertz time-domain spectroscopy Nature $3,975
Doug Bermingham Educational Psychology Graduate Student PLoS One Cognitive strategy use and measured numeric ability in short- and long-term retention of everyday numeric information Public Library of Science $1,215
Adrian V. Bell Anthropology Graduate Student PLoS Biology Monogamy is Not Enough: Female Cooperative Breeding in Early Homosapiens Public Library of Science $2,465
Tanya Abaya Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Biomedical Optics Express A Characterization of a 3D Optrode Array for Infrared Neural Stimulation Optical Society of America $2,075
Alan R. Rogers Anthropology Professor Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B Genetic Relatedness to Sisters' Children Royal Society Publishing $2,380


Public Library of Science $2,430
Report from March 2012 Funding Round Notification to apply for the third  round of Marriott Library’s Open Access Publishing Fund was sent via campus email on Tuesday, March 20. We received 12 eligible applications totaling $17,620 in requests; all were funded. The purpose of the fund is to provide seamless access to journal articles written by University of Utah faculty.  

Name Department Student, Staff, or Faculty Journal Article Fee
Jose Crespo Biology Graduate Student Journal of Neurophysi-ology Pre-flight warm-up muscle activation patterns are modulated by female pheromones $2,000
Lesley Chesson Biology Research Staff Ecosphere Strontium isotope ratios of tap water from the coterminous USA $1,500
Sydney Stringham Biology Graduate Student PLoS ONE Parallel genetic origins of pelvic reduction in an Irish population of ninespine sticklebacks (Pungitius pungitius) $1,350
David Strayer Psychology Professor PLoS ONE Who Multitasks and Why $1,350
Barbara Nash Geology & Geophysics Professor PLoS ONE Neogene fallout tuffs from the Yellowstone hotspot in the Columbia Plateau region, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, USA $1,350
Jael Malenke Biology Postdoc BMC Genomics Transcriptome sequencing and microarray development for the woodrat (Neotoma spp.):  custom genetic tools for exploring herbivore ecology $1,945
Randall Irmis UMNH/Geology & Geophysics Assistant Professor Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Exceptionally slow growth in a large-bodied stem archosaur $975
Prashant Tathireddy Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Assistant Professor Journal of Neural Engineering Customized Microelectrode arrays for pudendal nerve stimulation $2,700
Mohassab Yousef Mohassab Ahmed Metallurgical Engineering Graduate Student Nano Reviews Graphene for Hydrogen Storage $1,100
Evan Burgess Geography Graduate Student The Cryosphere Surge dynamics on Bering Glacier, Alaska, in 2008-2011 $750
Stacy Bamberg Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor PLoS ONE Use of Provocative Wrist Flexion Test and a Self-reported Pain and Discomfort Survey Form for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Screening at Workplace $1,350
Stacy Bamberg Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Journal of Parkinson's Disease A Novel Cueing Method for Improving Gait in People with Parkinson's Disease $1,250
Report from October 2011 Funding Round Notification to apply for the second round of Marriott Library’s Open Access Publishing Fund was sent via campus email on Tuesday, October 25. We received 11 applications totaling $19,195 in requests; all were funded. The purpose of the fund is to provide seamless access to journal articles written by University of Utah faculty. 

Name Dept. Student, staff or faculty Journal Article Amount
Kathleen Nicoll Geography Assistant Professor Geology Alluvial Psychology of Range Creek archaeological sites: When "nice" layers date badly $2,500.00
Robert W. Gehl Communication Assistant Professor Social Text On the rise of Facebook and the fall of MySpace $950.00
Mikhail Skliar Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Scientific Reports Classification of Single Molecular Motor Events $1,350.00
Colin Dale Biology Associate Professor PLoS Genetics Attenuation of the sensing capabilities of PhoQ in transition to obligate insect-bacterial association $1,913.00
Jinqi Wang Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Optics Express Liquid Plasmonics $1,743.00
Anthony Butterfield Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor (Lecturer) PLoS ONE Force Dependence of ncd's Power Stroke $1,215.00
Luciano O Valenzuela Biology Postdoc PLoS ONE Dietary heterogeneity among western industrialized countries reflected in the stable isotope ratios of human hair $1,215.00

Jose G. Crespo Biology Graduate Research Assistant Journal of Experimental Biology Pheromone mediated modulation of pre-flight warm-up behavior in male moths $2,184.00
Randall Irmis Utah Museum of Natural History and Dept of Geology & Geophysics Assistant Professor Systematic Biology Best Practices for Justifying Fossil Calibrations $1,800.00
Alexander M Balk Math Professor Physical Review Letters Anisotropic inverse cascade toward zonal flow in magnetically confined plasmas $2,700.00
Barbara Brown Family & Consumer Studies Professor International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Walkable new urban LEED_Neighborhood-Development (LEED-ND) community design and children's physical activity: selection, environmental, or catalyst effects? $1,625.00

Report from May 2011 Funding Round
Notification to apply for the Open Access Publishing Fund at the J. Willard Marriott Library was sent via campus email on Monday, May 2, 2011. We received 19 applications totaling $27,316 in requests; six applications came from the health sciences campus and 13 from main campus. Scholarly products included two book chapters, one data set, 15 journal articles, and one video article.
The University Libraries Scholarly Communication Steering Committee plus the head of collection development at Marriott Library met to allocate the fund and eight applications (listed below) were selected based on the following criteria as outlined in the call for proposals:
  1. request is for a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article
  2. the journal is open access or has a hybrid option
  3. amount does not exceed $3,000 per article/applicant
  4. the applicant’s home department is on main campus
  5. no other funding is available to the applicant

Based on the criteria, the following applications will be funded at a cost of:
Name Department Faculty or Student Journal Article
Ray Kesner Psychology Professor  Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience Role of Parietal Cortex in Binding Visual Features in Rats
Joanne Yaffe Social Work Associate Professor

PLoS ONE Are Guidelines Needed for Reporting Systematic Reviews without Included Studies?
William Newmark Utah Museum of Natural History Unpaid Faculty  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Habitat Fragmentation Reduces Nest Survival in an Afrotropical Bird Community in a Biodiversity Hotspot
Randall Irmis Utah Museum of Natural History and Dept of Geology & Geophysics Assistant Professor Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Biological Sciences Delayed recovery of non-marine tetrapods after the end-Permian mass extinction tracks global carbon cycle
Tobias Riede Biology Research Assistant Professor  Journal of Experimental Biology Subglottal pressure and fundamental frequency control in contact calls of juvenile Alligator mississippiensis
Michael Bastiani Biology Professor  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Axon regeneration requires coordinate activation of p38 and JNK MAPK pathways
Jose G. Crespo Biology Graduate Research Assistant  Journal of Insect Science A review of chemosensation and related behavior in aquatic insects
Ajay Nahata Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor  Optics Express Engineering the properties of terahertz filters using multilayer aperture arrays


Allyson Mower, MA, MLIS
Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian

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