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Video Studio Workshops

Creativity & Innovation Services presents Video 101

In this workshop you will learn how to set up:

· One and two cameras (Canon XF300) shots - focusing on framing and exposure as well as learning camera settings

· Learn basic 3-point lighting setup with Kino-Flo and Lite Panels

· How to mic your subjects with wireless or shotgun mics

· Various backgrounds including Green Screens (and light them)

· Transcode video footage

· Properly store and catalog video files and naming conventions

· Editing simple editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

· Briefly talking about storytelling and storyboarding

· Upon completion of workshop you will be a 'Video Jedi' allowing you to schedule the studio whenever it is available

February 29th, 2016

Faculty Center (Room 1705)

5:30-6:30 PM

J Willard Marriott Library




Anthony Sams
Video Studio Specialist



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