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Collection Development Policy Task Forces

Deselection Task Force

Create a set of criteria for use in identifying physical documents that can be withdrawn from the collection. Documents considered for withdrawal may currently be in the ARC or in the open stacks. Criteria should include usage data, but may also include such factors as whether content is duplicated online (particular with regard to government documents), content has been superseded, formats are obsolete, the University of Utah’s curricular focuses have changed, and any other factors that the Task Force deems relevant. Propose a timeline for completion of such a project. Submit the resulting document to the Dean of the Library for review and discussion by EC, MAC, and All Staff.


Chairs: Dale LarsenEducation Services Librarian and Ian GodfreyDirector of Library Facilities
Darby FanningEducation Services Librarian
Ken RockwellCataloging and Metadata Librarian
Jill MorieartyNew Student Orientation Coordinator
April LoveResearch and Information Services Librarian
Caryn FeeneyCirculation Supervisor
Jacob ReedProgrammer/Analyst
Karen MoaddeliCollection Services Manager
Robert BehraRIS Collections Steward & Collection Coordinator
Jason Fullmer, Student
Joanne Yaffe, College of Social Work 
Karen Paisley, College of Health
Catherine Mayes, College of Fine Arts
Courtenay Strong, College of Mines & Earth Science
Carolyn Scheese, College of Nursing
Richard Preiss, College of Humanities
Shundana Yusaf, College of Architecture & Planning
Thomas Kursar, College of Science
Seung-Hee Claire Son, College of Education

Selection Task Force

Create a collection development (CD) policy that outlines the principles and processes that inform and shape the Marriott Library’s strategies for building and maintaining collections in all formats. Incorporate existing CD documents that outline current policies, suggesting changes where the Task Force feels appropriate. Include discussion of such topics as the role of Marriott Library collections in supporting curriculum and research needs; general principles and processes regarding processing and care of physical documents; the Library’s orientations and preferences regarding formats and acquisition modalities; role of Library liaisons to academic departments; and any other topics that you deem relevant. Submit the resulting document to the Dean of the Library for review and discussion by EC, MAC, and All Staff.


Collection Development Format Principles and Guidelines 
Free Digital Resources Policy
Gifts policy
Wounded books protocol
OCLC Cloud-Collecting

University of Alabama's Collection Development Policy Statement (an example of one ARL library's CD policy document)
Patron-driven acquisition FAQ's
American Historical Association blog posting on preserving the print record

Chairs: Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources & Collections and Robert NelsonDigital Scholarship Lab Librarian
Carly AndersonCollection Services Supervisor 
Sandra CoonHead of Budgets & Monographs Purchasing
Tawnya KellerDigital Preservation Archivist 
Mary Ann JamesElectronic Resources Manager 
Leonard ChiarelliMiddle East Librarian
Peter KrausResearch and Information Services Librarian
Randy SilvermanPreservation Librarian
Mark EnglandCollection Development Librarian 
Sarah Abraham, Undergraduate student
Cindy Solomon-Klebba, Graduate student
Lindsay Gezinski, College of Social Work
Josh LaReaux, College of Health
Elena Shtromberg, College of Fine Arts
Lowell Miyagi, College of Mines & Earth Science
Rebecca Wilson, College of Nursing
Jenny Andrus, College of Humanities
Yuan-Pin Lee, College of Science
Xiao Fang, Eccles School of Business

 Last Modified 9/22/20