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Espresso Book Machine

Please note: The Espresso Book Machine is undergoing mechanical repairs and is temporarily unavailable. No estimate for a date of operation is available at this time. Please check this page for updates.

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Google Books are books that have been scanned from the collections of various libraries. Many of these books contain the notations of the original owners. The J. Willard Marriott makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning suitability of the information contained within Google Books and cannot be held liable for content. Google Books are non-returnable.

Some of the participating publishers and content providers available through the Espresso Book Machine:

Logos of publishers Harper Collins, Lightning Source, Open Content Alliance, Author Solutions, McGraw Hill, China Publishing Group, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Random House, W. W. Norton, Shambhala Publications, Google, and Hachette


NOTE: Book prices vary and are listed with individual titles. Prices are subject to change.

Self-Publishing Services

Set up fee including one proof copy.

You may update your files one time, but additional proofs are charged per page.

$25 per title
Per page charges: Minimum charge of $5.00 per book $0.04 per page 
Per page charges with customer-supplied 
compliant 20-60 lb paper. Minimum of $4.00 per book.
$0.03 per page
Alteration charges for additional revisions. $10 per title
Interfiling or insertion of customer supplied pre-printed pages (e.g. color illustrations) $0.25 per sheet

Binding Service Only

To properly bind, material must be able to fit within a 11 x 17 cover, accounting for height, length, and spine width. Pre-printed text block content should not bleed to the edges of the page. 

Cover and text block provided by the user. $4.00
Cover printing and binding. Text block provided by the user. $5.00
Custom setup or covers Request pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

We are only available on weekdays during business hours and our staff have other responsibilities, so new EBM orders typically take 2 business days to process. With advance notice of an order and deadline, we will do our best to prioritize your books for the fastest turnaround possible.

Each year exclusively during the months of May and June, we run a promotion for theses and dissertations. During this time, we provide two design options and discounted overall pricing. It is the easiest way to get a quick copy of your work. 

Outside of the promotional period, theses and dissertations must be printed the same way as a regular self-published book. You are responsible for formatting the interior and designing a cover. Pricing follows the regular self-publishing pricing structure as listed above.

No. The EBM only produces softcover books. You can contact any print and copy store for spiral binding.

The Espresso Book Machine's printing services can be used by anyone, regardless of affiliation with the University of Utah.

The EBM does not allow for much variation in print set up. We exclusively produce softcover or paperback books. The machine only prints black and white interiors, but you can provide color pages for insertion which will be charged a $0.25 fee per inserted sheet. All interiors are automatically printed double-sided. If you want single-sided pages, your interior file must contain a blank page between every page of text. We are happy to insert pages printed on different paper types, such as photo paper, but the EBM only prints interior pages on the paper we provide or paper stock similar in weight.

No, we do not offer any of these services. We are happy to look at your files and tell you if there appear to be any formatting errors, but we are unable to provide any design help. If you are trying to create a professional looking book, we suggest you pull a book off your shelf and mimic the formatting as closely as possible.

The following websites offer these services. Please note inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the services. Use your own best judgement.

If you are not in Salt Lake, we are happy to ship your proof copy for an additional charge of $3.75. However, we are unable to ship any books beyond proof copies. If you would like to arrange for a private courier service or for a friend or family member in the area to pick up your books, we will gladly accommodate this and release the books to a representative of your choosing.

We treat these requests like any self-publishing request. The machine needs a PDF in order to print a book, so if you don't already have an electronic copy you'll need to digitize it. That service is not affiliated with the EBM. You can pay for digitization services through the library's Digital Operations team or you can do it yourself. Free scanners are available to anyone inside the library. Keep in mind after scanning your files will likely need retouching, resizing, and formatting.

You will always retain the copyright for your work, regardless of where you print it, unless you explicitly assign it to another individual or organization. The library holds no claim over your material in any way. While you may choose to indicate in the copyright page that this edition was printed with our equipment, you have no obligation to do so. Numerous websites provide help creating a copyright page, such as The Book Designer.

No. We do not sell or provide International Standard Bibliographic Numbers (ISBNs). Because the ISBN is registered with the entity who purchases it initially, the Marriott Library would appear to be your publisher or rights holder. More information is available through Bowker, the official provider of U.S. ISBNs.

Only a few staff members operate the machine. It is currently located in a staff-only area of the building, so it is not available for demonstrations. You can learn more about the machine through On Demand Books, including a video demonstration of the machine.

If your question is not answered here, contact the Reserve team for more information.

 Last Modified 7/20/19