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Collection Development

This will take you to a page where you can get in contact with our librarians and teams directly. Please find the librarian or team that is most closely associated with the subject you wish to contact us about and email them, as they will be best suited to assist you. If you are contacting us about recent additions or cancellations, please read the documentation below beforehand so you have the latest information.

Collection Development Updates

Each year, Collection Development works with librarians and faculty to evaluate collections and make changes based on many factors, including usage and budgetary constraints. One of the more significant yearly projects is to evaluate the library's subscriptions to journals and databases to determine what should be added or removed. Adding new resources often requires taking away others, and during this process feedback from the campus community is important. The following provides an outline of this year's collection changes:

Changes to the Collections (2013)

New Subscriptions 
This list contains the journals and databases added to the Marriott Library during the 2013 - 2014 academic year. Purchases will continue to be guided by readers' documented use and specific needs. The first priority will be "just in time" rather than "just in case" acquisitions. Some worthy items cannot be purchased, but the library will continue to focus on supporting university priorities, caring for significant and/or unique materials and brokering access to resources which are not locally owned.

Disposition of Journals Reviewed in 2013 
The 2013 review of the Library’s subscriptions has been completed. Thank you for your comments and your understanding as we concluded this process. Whenever possible, subscriptions will be maintained if feedback was received about the title. If you would like to speak with library staff about the review process or our decisions, please Contact a Subject/Format Specialist or Team to find the correct specialist/team to send your questions to. Below are the results of our review:

List of Titles Which Will Be Canceled at the End Of 2013
These are the titles which have been selected for cancellation. Should you need an article from any of the listed titles, the Marriott Library will provide it through our document delivery service. Document delivery service is a necessary compromise that we must undertake to substitute for a subscription in order to maximize access to information at the lowest possible cost. Please see the link to Interlibrary Loan near the bottom of this page for more information. Articles you need will be supplied at no charge to you or your department.

List of Titles Changing Format in 2014
The review process also revealed a number of titles that are more effectively delivered through an alternative format. This is a list of those titles, which will be switched over to the new format in 2013.

Cancellation Feedback 

How Subscriptions Are Added and Canceled
Provides more details about the cancellation process and contains information about the process of adding new subscriptions.

FAQs About Subscription Cancellations 
Contains answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding the cancellation process.

Collection-Related Resources

While this page is largely devoted to an overview of Collection Development's activities, many patrons inquire about ways they can get new resources added to the library's collections or sent to the library for individual use. If you want us to purchase materials, loan you materials from a different library, or if you would like to donate something to the Marriott Library, you may wish to use one of the following links:

Suggest a Purchase 
You may use this form (located under the 'Services' section of the library website) to suggest a new purchase for the library. You may also suggest new journal or database subscriptions. While we can purchase most requests for single titles, committing to new journal or database subscriptions is more constrained by the budget. We also must balance the requestors' desire for new journals and databases with the wish of other patrons that existing titles be continued.

Interlibrary Loan 
From the Interlibrary Loan page (also found under 'Services' on the library website), you can request a temporary loan of an item from another institution. In most instances books are available within one to two weeks and photocopies of articles can be provided as quickly as 24-48 hours

If you would like to donate something to the Marriott Library, this page (found under 'About the Library' on the library website) provides instructions on how to do that.


Collection Development

Maria Hunt
Head of Scholarly Resources
801 581-7741

Mark England
Collection Development Librarian

Mary Ann James
Electronic Resources Manager

Dave Heyborne
Scholarly Resources Analyst

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