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Guest Passes

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Guest Passes

Are visitors and non-students of the University of Utah able to use the Marriott Library?

Visitors are welcome to use our resources.

Where do I get a computer guest pass?

Visitors may get a computer guest pass at the Level 1 Security and Information Desk by showing a valid government-issued ID. The library offers three (3) different types of guest passes:

  • GP - Guest Pass
  • GX - Guest Pass Extended Pass
  • GN - Wireless Network Guest Pass

Is there a time restriction for guest passes?

Yes. GP guest pass is only valid for two hours. GX guest pass is valid for the entire day. GN guest pass is valid for the entire day.

How do I get a GX guest pass?

GX is an extended guest pass only available for patrons that meet one of the following criteria, verifying ID is required:

  • Government employee (Federal, state, local, county, or city) please refer to the Borrowing and Renewals webpage on the Marriott Library website for more details.
  • Public or private school teacher or administrator
  • University of Utah Health Care employee
  • Matriculated high school student (16 years and above unless with parental permission)
  • Marriott Library permit holders (fee $100)
  • University of Utah Alumni Association current members with ID card
  • Marriott Library Advisory Board (MLAB)
  • Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) and Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) member institutions – student or employee

How many guest passes may I receive each day?

Library policies only allow patrons to receive one guest pass per day.

Do my state taxes pay for the public computers in the Marriott Library?

No, the public computers in the Marriott Library are purchased with computing fees charged to students registered for classes at the University of Utah.

Could I be asked to leave my computer before my time is up?

Yes. University of Utah faculty, staff, and students have first priority. You may be asked to leave your computer during periods of peak demand by a message that will be broadcast over the Marriott Library's loudspeaker system.

What kind of work can I do using library networked computers?

Use of guest passes is governed by state and federal law, the University of Utah Information Resources Policy (P&PM 1-15), the Student Labs Acceptable Use Policy, and the Marriott Library Computer Acceptable Use Policy. These resources are intended to be used for educational purposes and the legitimate business of the University and in a manner consistent with the public trust. Appropriate use includes instruction, independent study, continuing education, authorized research, independent research, and the official work of the offices, departments, and recognized student and campus organizations of the University. These policies prohibit the following:

  • Unauthorized recreational game playing
  • Commercial and other for-profit activities
  • Illegal sharing of copyrighted materials
  • Account sharing—only one user may use guest pass
  • Gambling
  • Obscenity and child pornography
  • Knowingly spreading worms or viruses, hacking, or engaging in any activity that interferes with the proper operation of University or other systems or networks. This includes the distribution of unsolicited, mass email.
  • Monopolizing information resources for personal entertainment

Failure to follow state and federal law, the University of Utah Information Resources Policy (P&PM 1-15), the Student Labs Acceptable Use Policy, and the Marriott Library Computer Acceptable Use Policy may result in revocation of privileges.

September 13, 2013


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 Last Modified 10/22/13