Security & Information

The J. Willard Marriott Library strives to provide a safe environment for our employees and visitors and to preserve and protect our facilities and collections. Library Security is charged with the ongoing responsibility for security, fire prevention and protection, and safety within our building in coordination and conjunction with the University Department of Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, and Facility Operations.

The Marriott Library asks that all library users become familiar with and abide by all policies. Library Security enforces all University and Library policies as well as State and Federal law in cooperation with University of Utah Police.

Library Security has a constant presence on all floors and is stationed at both entrances to assist library users. If you notice any suspicious activity or feel your safety is being threatened while in the Library, please report the incident immediately to University of Utah Police at 801-585-2677. Additionally, you may seek assistance by contacting Library Security at 801-581-8600 or by visiting the nearest library service desk.

Emergency exit routes are posted throughout the building by all elevators and stairwells. Additional emergency response procedures are provided in public spaces and all classrooms.

Book Gate Alarm Procedure

When the gate alarm sounds, patrons will be asked to return to the Security & Information Desk where Library staff will ask them to go through their bag to ascertain the source that caused the alarm. If the patron refuses or is found to have damaged, torn, or mutilated Library materials, University of Utah Police will be called immediately. The Library staff will document the incident. If the patron is a student and has a previous offense, the Dean of Students Office will be contacted for disciplinary action. Unauthorized removal of library materials or property will be treated as theft and University of Utah Police will be contacted.