Lost & Found

The Marriott Library's Lost & Found is located at the Level 1 Library Information Desk near the West Entrance.

Lost and Found desk is located on Level 1 at the Information desk just to the left of the entrance


  • J. Willard Marriott Library is not responsible for the security of personal belongings brought into the library and patrons are expected to keep their belongings, especially valuables, within their sight at all times. Personal belongings should not be left unattended at any time. We cannot guarantee the item you lost will be found. All lost and found items will be handled by Library Operations & Protection Services staff.
  • All items are cataloged, including information about where it was found, and any special identifying features so we can verify ownership when items are claimed.
  • Items can be claimed at any time that the library is open. Phone questions regarding the Lost & Found can be answered at 801-581-8558.
  • U Cards are returned to the Union UCard office in the Union Building every two weeks.
  • All other items are kept for 30 days and are then transferred to University Surplus & Salvage, where they are kept for an additional 60 days.
  • Due to health and sanitation risks, any items that may be a health, safety, or security concern will be discarded prior to the 30 day time limit. This includes, but is not limited to: perishable food or drink products and containers, trash, and any items contaminated by or appearing to be a hazardous material.
Reviewed by The University Office of General Counsel – March 27, 2014