Aziz S. Atiya Middle East Library

Dr. Aziz Atiya

Founded with The University of Utah's Middle East Center by Dr. Aziz S. Atiya in 1959, the prestigious Aziz S. Atiya Middle East Library is recognized internationally as a major center for research in Middle East studies.

The Middle East Library contains over 12,000 bound journal volumes, over 150,000 books in both Western languages and in the major languages of the Middle East, over 3,000 rare items and 13,371 manuscripts in micro-formats. The Middle East Library's holdings are a circulating collection, except for rare or specialized items.


Collection Highlights...

Bukara Qur'an first page & Papyrus #752 & 34

front page of the Bukara Qur'an

Papyrus #752

Papyrus number 34