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  • Albert Tissandier

Albert Tissandier

Albert Tissandier was born in France in 1839. A French illustrator and architect, he is one of the few foreign artists whose work can be found in published form. He died in 1906.

Tissandier was trained as an architect at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. He traveled from Pittsburg to the Grand Canyon intending to create a travel book. The result was Six Mois aux États Unis (1886).

Tissandier was a skilled draftsman whose drawings of architectural and landscape subject offered his readers a view of the character of the United States. Examples of his work include a graphite drawing on paper Marble Canyon Near Pacump Valley (1885) and an ink on paper drawing Grand Canyon of the Colorado (1885).The Utah Museum of Fine Arts owns 225 of Tissandier's sketchs as part of its permanent collection.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Albert Tissandier was born in France in 1839 and died in 1906. A shy, sensitive, non-English-speaking French visitor to the American West in the 1880s, this gentleman left a series of pencil drawings of still-recognizable locales in and near Utah. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts holds what may be the most complete collection of these appealing works.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.


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