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Christian V. Hawkes

Chris Vaughn Hawkes (1966-), of Bountiful and Woods Cross, Utah, is a realist painter of portraits and figures. He studied privately in New York and at Utah State University.

Biography courtesy of Artists of Utah.

After attaining his undergraduate degree in Illustration at Utah State University, Chris moved his family to New York City to work as an illustrator while continuing his studies in art. While there he studied with Burton Silverman. Silverman a Board Member of the Portrait Society of America, and considered by many as one of America's finest 20th century painters, expressed many ideals as a contemporary figurative painter, that resonated with Chris and paralleled areas he was currently exploring. This sparked the beginning of a career path which has continued to evolve over the last fifteen years. During this time he has continued to paint figurative pieces while working as a conceptual artist for the entertainment industry. Working primarily in oil on either masonite, or stretched linen, he continues to experiment and refine his application of paint. His influences include Odd Nerdrum, Frank Frazetta, Steven Assael, Malcolm Liepke and Paul Fenniak to name just a few. A list of illustrators that have cast their influence on my work, whether directly or indirectly is to exhaustive to list here While the art market compels an artist to express their views from a single vantage point, either through landscapes, figures, still life or application of paint. Chris feels this can be constraining and redundant at times, much like using an exclamation at the end of each sentence. And thus likes to combine subjects from time to time. My paintings are the journal of my life. With the exception of doing studies, my subjects are rarely pretty pictures Ive just snapped with my camera. They must have a narrative behind them, even if the story isnt apparent to the viewer. The subject must have something that will inspire me and give life to my paintings. Im a bit of on oddity even amongst my peers, in that; my passion to paint figurative art is fueled by working on various alternative subjects and in different mediums that are not figurative or are different in genre. I find it adds life to my paintings when I work this way. Let us remember that Leonardo Da Vinci while executing the Mona Lisa was designing equally amazing devices like the beginning concepts of the helicopter that seemed other worldly in nature, while just pages away were studies of the Virgin Marys hands. Over the past decade Chris has won first place three times in statewide professional competitions in Utah, been published in over half a dozen international publications and annuals, exhibited illustrations in New York Citys Four Color Images Gallery. He currently resides in Utah, with his wife and children.

Biography courtesy of the Artist.

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