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Gibbs M. Smith

Gibbs Morgan Smith was born in Kaysville, Utah in 1940. He is a book publisher and an environmentalist who paints highly stylized urban-inspired imagery and individualistic landscapes. He lives in West Kaysville, Utah.

Smith earned an MA in history from the University of Utah. As a young person, he studied with LeConte Stewart, and later with Randall Lake, Earl Jones, and Denis Phillips. 

Manhattan (1988) is featured in the Springville Museum of Art permanent collection. Other examples of Smith's work are December Rush Hour on Wabash Avenue, Chicago (1996), Manhattan Nocturne:  View from the Mayflower Hotel Looking South (1991), andJohn Nichols Tea House (1989).

Biography adapted from the Springville Museum of Art.

Gibbs Morgan Smith (1940-), of Kaysville, Utah, lives out his dream as the owner and president of his own publishing firm in Layton-an amazing development in Utah-with part of its history taking place in southern California; not surprisingly, he publishes beautiful books. Some years ago, Gibbs Smith-publisher, writer, environmentalist-took his love of art with him in his new paint box and became a charming painter of urban dreams of a personal kind. Like everything Smith does, his works have a uniquely individual feel, a haunting quality very welcome among the different ways, minds, and hearts of Utah Artists.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.

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