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Gilbert D. Munger

Gilbert Davis Munger was born in Madison, Connecticut in 1837. Although he was never a full-time resident of Utah, he painted many luminist style paintings of Utah scenes. He died in Washington, D.C. in 1903.

Because he demonstrated an early talent in art, Munger's family sent him to Washington, D.C. where he became an apprentice engraver in 1830. In 1866, he began a career as a professional artist, maintaining studios in New York, St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota.

A prime example of Munger's work is The Wasatch Mountains with Salt Lake City and Great Salt Lake (1877), a studio painting made from his sketches in Utah, which is held in the collection of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Gilbert Davis Munger (1837-1903) was a landscape painter who worked in the Utah area in the 1870s. Munger did a fine luminist view of The Wasatch Mountains with Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake in the Foreground in 1877 (Utah Museum of Fine Arts). This creation may be the very finest painting in the luminist style ever done in this state. The artist was simply in Utah because of his official duties with government, reportedly as official member of the 1869 United States Geodetic Survey party that camped near Salt Lake City during the time. There may be some added local interest in the fact that pioneer photographer C.R. Savage also joined the group for a period during their sojourn in Utah Territory.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.


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