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Rosine "Rose" H. Salisbury

Rosine “Rose” Howard Salisbury was born in 1887 in New Brunswick Canada. She was a prominent Salt Lake City painter and teacher. She died in Salt Lake City in 1975.

Howard began formal art studies under James T. Harwood at Salt Lake High School graduating in 1910. She also trained with Lee Greene Richards, Edwin Evans, and Mabel Frazer at the University of Utah.

Examples of her work include:  N ight Blooming Cereus (1930s), The Artist's Model or Reclining Lady (1936). She won a Purchase Prize at the Utah Fine Arts show in 1926 and Purchase Prizes at the Utah State Fair in 1932 and 1946.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Rose Howard Salisbury, a prominent Salt Lake City and Murray, Utah, painter and teacher was born in New Brunswick, Canada. Early on she studied with J.T. Harwood, Lee Greene Richards, Edwin Evans, and Mabel Frazer, attending classes at University of Utah in 1914. She took summer school courses at the University of California in 1922, and sought additional instruction at the Art Barn and, in 1928 at San Francisco's Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design. She taught at Irving Junior High (1922-28), the U. of U. (1930), the Art Barn (1940), and the Rowland Hall School of Girls (1929-52). She exhibited widely and won numerous awards, including purchase prizes in the institute of Fine Arts Show (1926) and two others at the Utah State Fair (1932,1946). Married to fellow art teacher and painter Cornelius Salisbury, Rose Salisbury retired from Rowland Hall in 1952 to pursue a somewhat broader approach in painting than that of her husband's landscape and figure work. She did landscapes, figurative works, and flower themes in oils and water color.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah


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