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Samuel H. Jepperson

Samuel Hans Jepperson was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1855. Largely self-taught, he was a prolific painter of landscapes, cityscapes, and Utah history. He died in 1931.

Jepperson's family converted to The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints and moved to Provo, Utah in 1857. Having shown artistic talent at an early age, Jepperson was apprenticed to portrait artist and theatrical scene painter Henry Maiben when he was 17.

Some examples of Jepperson's work are Goodbye Sweet Day (1919), Hollyhocks (1923), and Indian Paradise.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Samuel H. Jepperson began his prolific career as an artist at age 17, when he began painting houses. His employer gave him art lessons for a short time, and then he taught himself, mimicking the work of Utah impressionist John Hafen and learning through a close association with German artist John Selck and New York painter George H. Taggart.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.

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