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Truman O. Angell

Truman Osborn Angell was born in North Providence, Rhode Island on June 5, 1810. Angell died at the age of 77 on October 16, 1887. During his life Angell resided in: Kirtland Ohio 1835-37, Missouri 1837-38, Quincy, Illinois 1938-39, Nauvoo, Illinois 1840-46, and Salt Lake City 1847-87. Angell assumed the official architect's position for the LDS Church. Before that he was the "Architect of Public Works" in Great Salt Lake City.

Angell painted a bit as a nonprofessional, but rather able landscapist in his spare time. Then, as chief designer of Public Works buildings from May 1850 on, he was involved in various church, civic, school, and domestic construction projects, including: the Beehive House, the Salt Lake Temple, the Utah Territorial Capitol Building at Fillmore, and the St. George Temple.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.

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