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Marriott Library Teaching Guidelines

This page presents guidelines intended to assist librarians teaching in first-year and undergraduate and graduate courses within their liaison areas at Marriott Library. The guidelines below were developed by combining the University of Utah's Quality Course Framework (QCF) with Marriott Library's Core Teaching Values. To engage more broadly with the larger conversation on information literacy, the Marriott Library's Four Core Student Library Learning Outcomes have been aligned to the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. The guidelines were initiated in the Education Services department of Marriott Library and their creation was led by Donna Ziegenfuss and Amy Brunvand. After minor revisions, the guidelines were adopted by Library Council on June 21, 2017.


As Teaching Librarians We Value:

  • Faculty Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Effective Instructional Practices
  • Supportive and Shared Learning Environments
  • Professional Responsibility


At Marriott Library, our teaching values are reflected in our four Core Student Library Learning Outcomes:

1. Engage in the research process and construct knowledge by:

  • Defining a research topic/questions
  • Articulating information needs and research purpose
  • Implementing effective search strategies
  • Developing an awareness of disciplinary signature pedagogies and research

2. Demonstrate effective information seeking skills for locating, selecting, retrieving and evaluating information by:

  • Utilizing a variety of sources and tools both print and electronic
  • Discerning between scholarly and non-scholarly sources; as well as primary and secondary
  • resources
  • Compiling, categorizing and managing citations during the information seeking process
  • Employing ethical and legal standards when using sources and information resources
  • Critically evaluating information sources and

3. Synthesize and communicate information and sources in a variety of formats both written and oral by:

  • Compiling and organizing information for presentation planning
  • Using a variety of textual, visual, and media formats for presentation
  • Presenting information/research in an effective manner

4. Exhibit dispositions of a researcher and confidence to apply research knowledge to new problems and situations by:

  • Developing transferable skills for comfortably use technology to find and use information
  • Demonstrating confidence and patience when doing research (problem solving attitude)
  • Valuing the concepts of student directed learning and lifelong learning


How the Marriott Library Student Learning Core Outcomes Align to the new ACRL Frames:

ACRL Frames Alignment


The Teaching Guidelines Matrix aligns Marriott Library Core Teaching Values and the QCF. In addition to aligning teaching to the Marriott Library Student Learning Outcomes and ACRL Framework, as a teaching librarians, we will:

Teaching Matrix 1

Teaching Matrix 2

Teaching Matrix 3

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