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Creative Spaces

The University of Utah is home to a huge array of creative expertise and emerging technology. Creative Spaces acts a connection point between innovators across the university by providing access to workshops, equipment, consultation and referral services.


The Marriott Library is home to several types of 3D printers, scanners, and other related technologies. While we offer basic 3D printing services to University affiliated persons, other technology, such as 3D scanning and vinyl cutting, are offered without dedicated support. It is recommended that a user come with a basic understanding of how to use equipment or be willing to investigate instruction manuals.

AlephObjects Lulzbot TAZ 6:
Printing technology: Fused filament fabrication
Filament Diameter: 3.0mm
Build box capacity: 11x11x9.8"

To learn more about these printers and start a print, see the Knowledge Commons 3D printing website.
SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V2:
Printing technology: Fused filament fabrication
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Build box capacity: (Cylindrical build space) 11" diameter x 40" height

To schedule a time to use one of these printers, please send an email to
Projet 160:
Powder-based printing, often referred to as binder-jet technology.
Build box capacity: 9x7x5"

The ProJet 150
zCorp 450:

The Marriott Library offers access to a wide range of Virtual Reality equipment, including all of the major head-mounted displays (HMD).

A Microsoft Hololens Development Kit is available for 4-hour checkout. This is a standalone augmented reality device that does not require a separate computer to use. Creating new holographic apps is not difficult, but requires users to have their own development computer. Users are responsible for their own Microsoft account creation and must remove their credentials by resetting the device.

There are three Oculus Rift, and three HTC Vive Virtual Reality systems available for 4-hour checkout. These items require a significant setup process and a computer that meets the minimum requirements.

Two Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headsets are deployed in the Knowledge Commons, directly across from the 3D printers. Students, faculty, and staff may check out Oculus Touch controllers from the nearby help desk.

A Playstation VR headset is available for checkout from the reserve desk. This headset must be used on the Playstation 4 located in the northwest corner of the Knowledge Commons (near the Hoopes Seminar Room 2130N).

Please email the Creative Spaces mailing list with any questions:


Next Engine 3D Scanner:

iSense Structure 3D Scanner

Artec Spider 3D Scanner

To schedule time with any of these scanners, please email us at

A US Cutter MH 50" vinyl cutter is available for students, faculty, and staff to use for projects and assignments. Material costs are $2.00 per linear foot. To schedule a time to use the vinyl cutter please email us at

Arduino and Raspberry Pi prototyping equipment is available during Friday Makerspace sessions and during workshops.


During Spring and Fall semester there is a weekly Friday makerspace held from 10:00am - 2:00pm in the Knowledge Commons on Level 2, at the table space west of the Fine Arts & Architecture Library. During these hours we bring out a sampling of the equipment available to students in the Knowledge Commons and encourage students to explore and create. This serves as outreach for innovative technologies and is often the starting point of interesting and unique student work. The makerspace also serves as a physical connection point between students from different disciplines. We hope you'll stop by!


Thomas Ferrill
Assistant Head of Creative Spaces

Erika Church
Design & Technology Specialist

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