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About Research Data Management (RDM) Services

The University of Utah Marriott Library offers free data services to our faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate research community. Our goal is to promote best practices for data management and provide researchers with the tools and services necessary to describe, organize, store, and share their research data. We work with researchers at an individual, research team, or policy/institute level. 

RDM Services are located in the Faculty Center of the Marriott Library on the first floor across from Mom's Cafe. For health science data assistance contact Darell Schmick at Eccles Health Science Library at If you are a law professor or student in need of data services, contact Valeri Craigle at Faust Law Library at


Our Services

Data Management Plans (DMPs)

  • Expert assistance in drafting data management plans for grant proposals. 
  • Data Management Plan review and editing. 
  • Be proactive! Create a customized data management policy for your college or institute that your researchers can use for future DMPs.

Education/ Training

  • Request a data management workshop for your research methods class/ research team/ college. We teach everything from short sessions on data organization (i.e. file naming, version control, and folder structures) to full data management workshops on data description, organization, data storage, writing a DMP, data ownership, and data sharing. Visit SlideShare to see a range of available trainings. 
  • We teach regular data management classes for the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Marriott Library, and the Research Administration Training Series (RATS). Check the education and training page for scheduled upcoming workshops! 
  • Want to get your lab/department/college thinking about data management? We can bring our expertise to your next faculty meeting or brown bag. 
  • Visit our education and training page for additional online data management training resources. 


  • Have a specific data management question? Contact a data librarian to schedule an individual or group consultation on:
    • data workflow and process improvements for your research team or laboratory. 
    • metadata standards and documentation that fits with your research needs and community standards. 
    • digital preservation and archival standards to avoid data loss. 
    • data sharing, copyright, and licensing to help you get credit for your data while encouraging reuse. 
    • data repository options. 

Data Repository Services

    • We can assist you in finding an appropriate home for your data either in a subject-based repository or a general data repository such as Dryad, FigShare, Dataverse, or Zenodo
    • For smaller datasets up to 40 MB, University researchers can deposit their data into USpace, the University of Utah's Institutional Repository. While we encourage researchers to use subject-based data repositories, there are at least three good reasons to deposit data into USpace
      • Your data will receive a permanent URL in the form of a digital object identifier (DOI) so that you can link your data to your publications. 
      • Datasets in USpace are included in the library catalog and are indexed by Google which increases the ability of other researchers to find your data.  
      • The USpace server is consistently maintained with backups and regular maintenance to prevent data loss. 


Daureen Nesdill
Research Data Management Librarian


 Last Modified 6/26/18