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GIS Services: Geospatially Visualizing Data in new & exciting ways

GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) Services is designed to collaboratively support University of Utah students, staff, and faculty in transforming and visualizing data through the development of geospatial projects.

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  GIS in Geology:
Examining the Geological Change of Mount St. Helens

GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) are utilized by many fields and industries throughout the world. Our Map Monday releases for the Spring 2019 Semester highlight some of these fields and how GIS can be employed by such professionals.

For this map, we will look at an example of GIS in Geology and how GIS can be utilized to comparatively examine geological change over time. #MapMonday

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*Bi-weekly maps will be released throughout the Fall 2019 Semester on a variety of topics