Japanese Americans in Sports

When the Japanese began to immigrate to the United States in the late 1800s, they brought with them their competitive spirit and love of sports.  Baseball quickly replaced sumo wrestling as their sport of choice and many teams were formed and competed throughout the state.  Over the years, people of all ages have participated in a wide variety of team and individual sports both professionally and recreationally.

Bowling league Fourth Annual National JACL Bowling Tournament

Downtown Bowl, San Francisco 1950. (P1087 Nagata Collection)

Bowling trophy South Seas Café Bowling Team, First Place Team at the 25th Annual National JACL Tournament.

Yuji Okumura, Ike Ogata, Ted Okawa, Walt Masuda, Tom Takagi 1971

Bowling tournament photo Okada Insurance Bowling Team: George Kishida, Ken Takeno, Maki Kaizumi, Wat Misaka, Jun Kurumada 1953

(P1087 Nagata Collection)