How can U contribute?

The many photographs and other items you see in the Marriott Library's digital exhibitions come from the collections of the Special Collections Department of the J. Willard Marriott Library. Among other historic resources, the Special Collections department houses the photographic archives of the University of Utah. We currently possess over 250,000 images documenting the Administration, Buildings and Grounds, Campus Life, and Departments of the University from the earliest days to the 1990s. Now that may sound like a lot of photographs, but we are asking you, the alumni of the University, to help us build that collection. If you have any items from your days at the University of Utah-- photographs, UTONIANS, programs from events, clippings, memorabilia--we would welcome it into the University Archives. Your donation of such items would be evaluated, indexed, and filed with the other materials that document the history of the University. Since the University is a not-for-profit institution, your donation may be tax-deductible. And you could sit back and enjoy the good feeling that comes from knowing that U have contributed to the history of the next 150 years of your alma mater, the University of Utah.

For information on the University Archives photograph collections, or to learn how U can add to the history of the University of Utah, please contact the Multimedia Archivist at the following address:

Multimedia Archivist 
Special Collections 
J. Willard Marriott Library 
295 South 1500 East 
University of Utah 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 
(801) 585-3073 [office] 
(801) 585-1115 [FAX]