Travelers - forty years of books to go

In celebration of Peter and Donna Thomas

Checklist for Travelers

Curated by Luise Poulton, 2018

Exhibition poster designed by Scott Beadles, 2018

Digital Exhibition produced by Lyuba Basin, 2020

Travelers, cover and exhibition posterTravelers - forty years of books to go


Peter and Donna Thomas are book artists from Santa Cruz, CA. Since 1977 they have worked both collaboratively and individually; letterpress printing, hand-lettering and illustrating texts, making paper, and hand binding both fine press and artists’ books. Inspired by the archetypal quest for beauty and perfection, and informed by the potential of word, image, shape and texture to create an illuminating or transformative experience, their initial aim was to create limited edition fine press books made of the finest materials and produced to the highest standards of quality, in both full size and miniature format. This aesthetic continued to guide them through the 1990s as they worked in new formats made possible by personal computer technology, exploring non-traditional book structures and shaped book objects as both limited editions and one-of-a-kind books. From 2010-2015 they have traveled the USA as the “Wandering Book Artists” giving talks, workshops and demonstrations to both academic and community-based audiences.

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