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Housed in the Alf Engen Ski Museum


The Marriott Library Ski Archives and the Alf Engen Ski Museum have teamed to establish and maintain a permanent Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will recognize and honor those who have made significant contributions to the sport of skiing in the Intermountain region which includes Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. 

2017 Inductees:

  • Harry Baxter
  • Dick Mitchell
  • Dean Roberts
  • Picabo Street
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A key requirement for eligibility is that the activities of the nominee took place in the Intermountain region, significantly benefited the Intermountain region, or were performed by an individual from the Intermountain region. 

Each year a selection committee from the Utah Ski Archives will consider nominations in the late fall and winter. Nominations are open to any person regardless of citizenship, race, gender, national origin or creed. Nominations may be made posthumously as well as for living persons. Anyone may make a nomination except for a member of the nominee's immediate family.

Eligibility for induction into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame is open to individuals who meet the criteria listed in at least one of the following categories:

  • Sports figures who achieved fame in skiing competition including the ski sports of alpine, cross country, jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle, snowboard, telemark, gelande jumping.
  • Ski area pioneers who developed skiing opportunities by creating sites, facilities, equipment, back-country access, or were ski mountaineers.
  • Innovators who significantly contributed to the development of the skills, practice, or promotion of skiing, such as educators, ski school instructors, coaches, snow safety experts, equipment designers, or early retailers of ski equipment.
  • Great skiers who were famous for their skill and prowess.

1. Goals and Purpose:

To recognize, acknowledge and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the creation, development, and on-going promotion of the sport of skiing in the intermountain region; and to provide a slate of honorees to be permanently recognized in the Alf Engen Ski Museum. All meetings of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee (HFSC) will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Motions shall be made, seconded, opened for discussion and voted upon after all discussion has ended. The Motion shall be accepted upon a majority vote, except in special cases where a unanimous vote is required by our policies.


2. Categories and criteria for nomination:

A. Ski Competitors who achieved fame as racers, coaches, officials, event organizers and timers; in alpine, cross-country, jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle, telemark, gelande jumping and biathlon skiing.

B. Ski Pioneers who developed ski areas and ski facilities including, but not limited to: Heli-skiing, back county access and back country skiing and mountaineering.

C. Ski Innovators who significantly contributed to the development of the skill,practice, and promotion of skiing, including ski school directors, instructors, educators, snow safety experts, ski equipment designers and ski retailers.

D. Inspirational Skiers who were recognized for their skill and prowess in the sport of skiing.

E. Ski Journalists, Sport Writers, Ski Authors, Ski Historians and/or other individuals who contributed to the preservation of ski history or to the historical development of the sport of skiing.


3. Eligibility:

To be eligible, individual achievements must be considered “significant” and

a) taken place in the Intermountain region or,

b) significantly benefited the Intermountain region or,

c) been performed by an individual(s) recognized as being of the Intermountain region.

Nominations are open to any person(s) and may be made on behalf of living or deceased individual(s).


4. Nomination Process:

Nominations may be submitted by any person(s). All nominations require a

a) Nomination form, b) Seconding letters, c) Photos of the nominee.



5. Supporting Materials Required:

a) A short half page biography in a format suitable for publication excerpted from:

b) A long biography used to support the nomination that will inform, educate and describe the contributions, accomplishments, exploits, chronology and history of the nominee(s).

c) 10 Photos suitable for publication.

d) 2 seconding letters.

The nomination must not exceed ten 10 pages, exclusive of photos.

Incomplete nominations will be pended until missing information is submitted.

All nominations are to be for one individual. Multiple individuals, not to exceed three (3), may be included and considered ONE nomination provided there was a commonality in their achievements and a relationship existed among them. Multiple person nominations will be considered on case-by-case basis and will be subject to unanimous approval by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee (HFSC).


6. Procedure:

a. A cover letter with the accompanying nomination must be submitted to the University of Utah J. Willard Marriot Library Utah Ski Archives Advisory Board (USAAB) by 1st of March

b. Nominations will be considered annually from March 1 through March 31 by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

c. Recommendations to the Utah Ski Archives Board will be made no later than April 15. The Alf Engen Museum must be informed by May 20 of the board’s selections.

d. A letter of acknowledgement of receipt of each new nomination will be sent to the Nominator(s) no later than thirty (30) days following receipt of the nomination. The letter will outline missing or incomplete items, if any, and specify the information required to complete the nomination. A copy of the Policies and Procedures will also be included.

e. All nominations which are not successfully moved forward for inclusion in the ISHF will be considered active nominations for a period of five (5) years from the date of nomination. At that time the nominator will be notified by letter that the nomination must be updated and re-submitted to the University of Utah J. Willard Marriot Library.


7. Selection Method

The serving Chairperson of the Utah Ski Archives Advisory Board will appoint members from the board to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The HFSC will screen the nominations and make recommendations to the board. Nominations are to be reviewed and considered on an objective basis for vote of the board.


8. Selection Committee:

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be made up of at least ten (10) members including the Chair and Vice Chair. The committee may be expanded or reduced as deemed necessary by the Chair.

The number of nominees submitted by each subcommittee will be two (2). The working subcommittees are unrestrained in how they arrive at their recommendations. Ten (10) nominees will be submitted to the full board for consideration. The Alf Engen Ski Museum will provide annually to the board the number of nominees to be inducted

and the board will select inductees accordingly. In the interest of flexibility and changes in circumstances, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee will review this document

periodically. Any changes, modifications, amendments or alterations will require unanimous approval of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and the Utah Ski Archives Board.


9. Vote by Archives Board

Prior to a special meeting of the USAAB, held for the specific purpose of considering the HFSC’s recommendations, each Board member will be emailed a list of those individuals being recommended and a PDF copy of the long biography from the nomination process. Each nominee will be represented by a member of the HFSC who will act as an advocate for that nominee at the meeting. A secret ballot of the recommended inductees will be held. A forced choice ranking method will be used where each board member ranks the nominees and assigns a value equal to the number of nominees to his/her first choice and then ranks, in reverse order, the remaining nominees. (Example: First choice receives the rank value of 10 points when there are 10 nominees. The second choice receives 9 points, the third choice 8 points, the fourth choice 7 points and so on until the tenth choice receives 1 point.) The sum of rank values for each individual nominee is that nominee’s score. The number of nominees equal to the Engen Museum’s allotment for that year with the highest scores will be presented to the Alf Engen Ski Museum Board for their approval for induction into the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame. The presentation of nominees is made to the USAAB in April of each year. This consists of an e-mail and meeting for a live presentation of the nominees by the advocates and the final vote. The e-mail includes: 1. The full biographical information of those nomination recommended by the HFSC. 2. A list, alphabetically by last name of all recommended nominations which will include the category of their nomination, the state they represent and whether they are deceased.

10. Results

The results of the balloting will be counted and verified by the officers of the

USAAB. The USAAB Chair will then make the results known to the Alf Engen Ski

Museum Board for their approval for induction.

Download the 2020 Nomination Form 

For further information or nominating forms, please contact: 

Gregory C. Thompson
University of Utah Marriott Library 
801 581-8046 
fax 801 585-3976


Judy Jarrow
Program Manager, Special Collections

Hall of Fame Committee

Mr. John Durham (Chair), Salt Lake City, UT
Mr. Jim Sullivan, Jackson, WY 
Ms. Peggy Dean, Ketchum, ID
Mr. Clark Parkinson, Sandy, UT
Mr. Bill Spencer, Sandy, UT
Mr. Phil Jones, Salt Lake City, UT
Ms. Suzy Rytting, Holladay, UT
Ms. Barbara Yamada, Park City, UT
Mr. Jim Gaddis, Park City, UT
Mr. Fred Duberow, Salt Lake City, UT
Mr. Keith Lange, Salt Lake City, UT