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Awards and Past Honorees

The Ski Archives annually recognize three individuals or groups at the Ski Affair. The recognition is as follows:

Ski Archives Historical Achievement Award

Recipients are recognized for the roles they played in the evolution and growth of skiing and winter recreation in Utah and/or the Intermountain West. They are cited for their history-making exploits, large or small, that helped shape the activity into the world-class status it enjoys today. Recognition forms have varied from plaques to specially-enscribed skis.

S.J. Quinney Award

The award recognizes the accomplishments and/or contributions of an individual, firm or organization to skiing and winter recreation in Utah and/or the Intermountain West. The award is named in honor of the late "Joe" and J.E. Quinney, cofounders of the Alta Ski Area and major benefactors of the J. Willard Marriott Library's Special Collections Dept., which includes the Ski Archives. Recipients receive an exquisite piece of granite mined from a private quarry in Little Cottonwood Canyon, site of Utah's first lift-served skiing that occurred at Alta in 1938.

Sue Raemer Memorial Award

This is named in honor of the late co-founder of the Ski Archives. It recognizes the individual who has made significant and voluntary contributions of time, talents and resources to the Ski Archives with the same enthusiasm, style and commitment that exemplified Sue Raemer. 


Junior Bounous

Bill Lash

M. Earl Miller

K Smith

Corey Engen

Sverre Engen

Dev Jennings

Dick Movitz

Jack Reddish

Suzy Harris Rytting

Zane Doyle 

Earl Holding - Sun Valley

Phil Jones - Magic Mountain

Janet Lawson - Alta

Luella Seeholzer - Beaver Mountain

Ray Steward - Timphaven - Sundance

Jack Gallivan

Bud Jack

Cal Rampton

Tom Welch

10th  Mountain Division

Gordon Allcott - Alta

Robert Beck - Snowbasin

Nelson Bennett - Sun Valley

Larry Davenport - Alta

Sverre Engen - Alta

Mel Fletcher - Snow Park, Park City

Vern Frandsen - Snow Basin

Harold Goodro - Alta

Robert Groesbeck - Brighton

Sam Kalm - Brighton

Harold Luddington - Snow Basin

Laurie Mauss - Alta

Doug McClaren - Snow King

John Nercessian - Alta, Brighton, Snowbasin

Floyd Newey - Snowbasin

Ray Nye - Beaver Mountain

Eddie Orbea - Bogus Mountain, Brundage

Judd Preston - Beaver Mountain

Neil Rafferty - Snow King

William Rhodes - Snowbasin

Buss Roberts - Sun Valley

Jim Shane - Alta, Brighton

Dave Sheldon - Alta

Bob "Pepi" Smith - Alta

Lee Steorts - Alta

Robert Wright - Snow Park, Park City 

History Maker - Deseret News Ski School

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Coming soon!

History Maker - Janet Quinney Lawson

History Maker - USDA Forest Services

Scott Brooksbank - Utah

John Clendenin - Idaho, Utah

Ed Ferguson - Idaho

Karen Huntoon - Utah

Bob Salerno - Utah

Alan Schoenberger - Utah

Mark Stiegemeier - Idaho

Penelope Street - Idaho

Bob Theobald - Utah

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Woody Anderson

Bill Briggs

Norm Burton

Bill Butterfield

Mel Fletcher

Keith Lange

Lou Lorenz

Gene Palmer

Dean Roberts

Maxine Bounous - Utah

Evelyn Engen - Utah

Virginia Huidekoper - Wyoming

Jannette Burr Johnson - Idaho

Wilma Johnson - Utah

Dolores LaChapelle - Utah

Margo Walters McDonald - Utah

Gladys Miller - Utah

Suzy Harris Rytting - Utah

Jean Saubert - Utah 

Karen Budge - Wyoming

Spence Eccles - Utah

Alan Engen - Utah

Jim Gaddis - Utah

Peter Karns - Wyoming

Karen Korfanta - Wyoming

Marv Melville - Utah

Ray Miller - Utah

 Mack Miller - Idaho

Dick Mitchell - Utah

Dean Perkins - Utah

Bill Spencer - Utah

Ralph Wakely - Utah

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Bogus Basin Mountain - Utah

Brian Head Resort - Utah

Brundage Mountain Resort - Utah

Grand Targhee Resort - Wyoming

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - Wyoming

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort - Idaho

Park City Mountain Resort - Utah

Pebble Creek Ski Area - Idaho

Pomerelle Mountain Resort - Idaho

Powder Mountain Winter Resort - Utah

Solitude Mountain Resort - Utah

The Canyons - Utah

White Pine Ski Area - Wyoming

Wolf Mountain - Utah

History Maker - The University of Utah Ski Teams

Peter Mandler

Meeche White 

Shannon Bahrke - Utah

Brent Camerota - Utah

Billy Demong - Utah

Julia Mancuso - Utah

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson - Utah

Danielle & Rob Umstead - Utah

Andrew Weibrecht - Utah

Bryon Wilson - Montana

Stephanie Victor - Utah

Women Ski Jumpers

Dimitrje Milovich - Snowboarding

Sarah Henrickson

Ted Ligety

Joss Christensen

Kaitlyn Farrington

Keith Gabel

Sage Kotsenburg

Ted Ligety

Danelle and Rob Umstead

Ski Utah


S. J. Quinney, 1993 - University of Utah Acknowledgment Award

Alf Engen, 1994 - University of Utah Acknowledgement Award

Nick Badami, 1994 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Charles "Chic" Morton, 1995 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Earl A. Miller, 1996 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Wilby Durham, 1997 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

M. Earl Miller, 1998 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Junior Bounous, 1999 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Spence Eccles, 2000 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Stein Eriksen, 2001 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Corey Engen, 2002 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Zane Doyle, 2003 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Suzy Harris Rytting, 2004 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Janet Quinney Lawson, 2005 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Edgar Stern, 2006 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

(no 2007 recipient)

Karen Korfanta, 2008 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Russ Harmer, 2009 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Jim Gaddis, 2010 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

(no 2011 recipient)

John W. "Jack" Gallivan, 2012 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Ted Johnson, 2013 - S. J. Quinney Award Recipient

Bob Wheaton, 2014 - S.J. Quinney Award Recipient

Richard "Dick" Bass, 2015 - S.J. Quinney Award Recipient


1995 Chris, Corey, and John Raemer

1996 Barbara Amidon

1997 Carol Lupus

1998 Myrlene Korologos

1999 Jim Gaddis

2000 Larry Warren

2001 Clark Parkinson

2002 Dave Amidon

2003 Mike Korologos

2004 Jim Sullivan

2005 Safia Keller

2006 Pat Miller

2007 Jon Durham

2008 Beverly Beasley

2009 Marsha Irwin

2010 Chris Raemer & Nona Weatherby

2011 Connie Marshall

2012 Fred Duberow