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Sample Photos from Utah Ski Archives


  • Alpine Mountain Club

    Alpine Mountain Club

  • Utah Recreation

    Utah Recreation

  • Edward P. Jennings

    Edward P. Jennings

  • Bingham Stage Lines

    Bingham Stage Lines


  • Park City, Utah

    Park City, Utah

  • Wasatch National Forest Skiing

    Wasatch National Forest Skiing

  • University of Utah Ski Team

    University of Utah Ski Team

  • Olympic Ski Team 1947

    Olympic Ski Team 1947



  • Snowbasin


  • Earl Miller

    Earl Miller

  • Rasmussen's Ranch

    Rasmussen's Ranch

  • (Claudette Colbert, Hollywood movie star, at Alta, 1940)  [RUTH PEARY Collection, P0377]

    (Claudette Colbert, Hollywood movie star, at Alta, 1940) 
    [RUTH PEARY Collection, P0377]


  • Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake Tribune

  • Raymond Stewart

    Raymond Stewart

  • Brighton, Utah

    Brighton, Utah

  • Seeholzer/Beaver Mountain

    Seeholzer/Beaver Mountain


  • Non-Utah Skiing

    Non-Utah Skiing

  • Sundance


  • Spruces Ski Area

    Spruces Ski Area

  • Snowbird




  • Park City Ski Area

    Park City Ski Area

  • Little Mountain Ski Area

    Little Mountain Ski Area

  • Richard Bird

    Richard Bird

  • Junior Bounous

    Junior Bounous



  • Ralph Johnson

    Ralph Johnston

  • Avalanches


  • United States Forest Service/Alta

    United States Forest Service/Alta

  • Robert Smith

    Robert Smith


  • Sun Valley

    Sun Valley

  • Thayne's Shaft

    Thayne's Shaft

  • Mike Grom

    Mike Grom

  • Walker Wallace

    Walker Wallace


  • 10th Mountain Division

    10th Mountain Division

  • Ted Major

    Ted Major

  • Frank Whitney

    Frank Whitney

  • Bill Lash

    Bill Lash


  • Gordon & Peg Alcott

    Gordon & Peg Alcott

  • Park City Ski Association

    Park City Ski Association

  • Darrell "Pinky" Robison

    Darrell "Pinky" Robison

  • Jack Walker

    Jack Walker


  • Mike Korologos

    Mike Korologos

  • Suzy Harris Rytting

    Suzy Harris Rytting

  • Intermountain Ski Instructors Association

    Intermountain Ski Instructors Association

  • Karen Korfanta

    Karen Korfanta


  • Woody Anderson

    Woody Anderson

  • Bonnie Speyer Carluccio

    Bonnie Speyer Carluccio

  • Einar Fredbo

    Einar Fredbo

  • Jim Shane

    Jim Shane


  • S.J. Quinney

    S.J. Quinney

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