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Douglas Lynn Cozzens

Douglas Lynn Cozzens was born in 1955.  Cozzens is a landscape painter and a skilled ceramist. He lives in Kaysville, Utah.

Cozzens studied under Dorothy Bearnson at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also took a number of classes at Weber State University located in Ogden, Utah.

Some of Cozzen's work has appeared in the Springville Museum's National April Salons in 1985, and 1986.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah and a statement supplied by the artist.

I grew up in a home with the paintings of my great-grandfather, Orson D. Campbell on the walls. His landscapes had a strong influence on me, and I wanted to be a painter just like he was. I am mostly self-taught, though I had a few lessons from LeConte Stewart in 1985 and '86. In the mid-90's I attended Weber State University and took as many art classes as I could.

I prefer to paint landscapes in oil, but I occasionally use watercolor or pastel. Ceramics, especially primitive process pottery, has been a longtime interest of mine as well as flint knapping.

Biography courtesy the artist 

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