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Eric Dowdle

Eric Dowdle was born and raised in the heart of the Western United States. For a short period of time Eric lived with his family in Boston, Massachusetts. During this time he developed a fascination with folk art. He lives with his wife and five children in Lindon, Utah.

Eric is from a family of twelve children, ten boys and two girls. His parents taught basic principles that he feels show up in his art. Old fashioned values of hard work and devotion to God and country, as well as a peaceful spirit seemed to permeate every activity of his youth.

Eric opened his first gallery in the Cottonwood Mall in Salt Lake City. His work has been displayed in many galleries and historical pageants across the country, his work with the Amish is internationally recognized. Of the many rewards he has received for his Americana style paintings, none is more flattering to him than the award he received for his painting Sesquicentennial Quilt at the 1997 L.D.S. Church art competition. 

Biography adapted from material supplied by the artist.

See the world like never before through the whimsical paintings of folk artist Eric Dowdle. His unique style captures the heart and soul of us all. Its people, places, and heritage come together beautifully in each piece of this spectacular collection that will be cherished for years by those who love this state and great art.

Eric's paintings bring us to life in a mystical and enchanting time that is both past and present. As colorful as a Utah sunset and as emotional as a Pioneer Day parade, each image evokes a sense of gratitude to live here or makes you wish that you did.

Folk Artist Eric Dowdle has applied his unique style to cities around the country and world. His paintings have been honored and displayed in exhibits and galleries everywhere. They stand apart as they encompass the "essence"of what people feel about their homes and country.

Eric and his wife Deb raise their five children in the charming community of Lindon, Utah.

Biography courtesy of the Artist.


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