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Francis H. Zimbeaux

Born in Paris, France, Francis Zimbeaux came to Utah in 1926. He is the son of Frank Zimbeaux who was also an excellent artist and had a considerable influence on Utah Art. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Zimbeaux studied at the University of Utah and the Art Barn. He has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including the Utah State Fair Best of Show and several first prizes, a St. Mark's Art Festival First Prize and a Salt Palace Exhibition Honor Award.

Mr. Zimbeaux's works are to be found in private collections across the nation and also in the permanent collections of the Salt Lake Art Center and Utah State University. Zimbeaux has presented many one man shows and has been featured in group shows throughout the West, including the traveling Watercolor Exhibit sponsored by the Federation of Rocky Mountain States, Inc.

Biography adapted from James Haseltine, found in . One Hundred Years of Utah Painting

The French born son of Frank Zimbeaux (q.v.), is a present-day Salt Lake City draftsman and painter in oils, gouache, pen and ink with washes, as well as other drawing-media. He is a semiabstractionist in the creation of tonalist landscapes in oils on canvas, as well as the creator of wonderfully stylized figurative works done often with a fluid mix of drawing and painting techniques on paper. Francis Zimbeaux's oil paintings are often handsome, essentially value-initiated landscape "tone poems" that echo his father's work to some extent, while his figure scenes of mythological genre (nymphs and such), and even portraits actually represent an expansion on thems Frank Zimbeaux dealt with in oils in quite a different way.

Biography courtesy of Artists of Utah.

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