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Fred E. Wright

Fred (Eugene) Wright was born in San Francisco in 1939. He has retired from teaching Art at the University of Utah and is a documentary photographer. He lives in Salt Lake City.

Wright worked in a variety of professions: as a private investigator, a mountain guide, a paralegal, and an instructor, before becoming a photographer in 1975.

As director of photography for the Salt Lake Art Center, Wright and his colleague, John Schaefer, who was director of photography workshops at the Salt Lake Art Center, were accredited by the National Conventions Committee to record events in the state government race. The Library of Congress accepted their photographs in the Masters of Photography section.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Fred (Eugene) Wright (1939-) After graduating in 1957 from high school in school in Burbank, California, Wright became a private eye in Hollywood for Howard Hughes. He also became a mountain guide in the Grand Tetons; a paralegal for a Jackson, Wyoming; attorney;  a manager of a Jackson Hole credit bureau; a controller for a Jackson hospital; a carpenter in Jackson for two years and in Salt Lake City for eight years; an assistant director and chief instructor of the Colorado Outwardbound School in Denver; and a member of the ski patrol at Alta, Utah. Then, in 1975, Fred Wright became a professional photographer. In 1976, his published work was selected by the Utah Press Association as best photographic series for that year. He is a present-day documentary photographer who has been artist-in-residence for the Utah Arts Council. A Salt Lake Art Center faculty member for a number of years, Wright taught basic photography there, while he has also been a co director of the Salt Lake City Polaroid Children's Workshops. Now, he is doing wonderful work on the faculty of the University of Utah. Professor Wright was recently awarded two substantial grants to do further research to expand the boundaries of photography, sculpture, and computing technology.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.

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