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Graydon K. Foulger

Graydon K. Foulger was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1942. He is a plein air painter, teacher, and former art dealer. He lives in Murray, Utah.

Having grown up in the natural splendor of Utah, he earned a BFA from BYU in 1967 where the paintings of Maynard Dixon and J. Alden Weir influenced him. He earned an MFA from BYU two years later. In 1966 he visited and studied at museums, galleries and studios throughout Europe.

Foulger ran his own art gallery from 1968 to 1983 when he quit to devote more time to painting. He continues to teach and to exhibit his work throughout the Intermountain area. Pumpkin Harvest (1990), part of the Springville Museum of Art permanent collection and the winner of a purchase prize, is an example of his work.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Graydon K.Foulger (1942-). A native of Salt Lake City but now a resident of Murray, Utah, Graydon Foulger studied at Utah State University, the University of Utah, and Brigham Young University (B.F.A.,1967). From 1968 to 1983, he was founder, partner, president, and director of Tivoli Art Gallery, still one of Utah's leading dealers in original art by local painters and sculptors. This talented artist has continued to work in the studio and to teach, and his increasingly interesting plein-air paintings of the local landscape have been exhibited widely throughout this area and elsewhere. Foulger is also a member of the Intermountain Society of Artists, and continues to be a knowledgeable independent handler of regional works.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah

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