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J. Thomas Mulder

J. Thomas Mulder was born in Salt Lake City in 1939. He is a landscapist known for his desert themes painted in acrylic. His paintings are noted for their rich application of paint and simplified forms. He lives in Salt Lake City.

Mulder attended Nizam College in Hyderabad, India and earned a BA from the University of Utah in 1957. He also attended the University of Illinois, the University of California at Fresno, and earned an MFA from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa in 1977.

Mulder has been represented by Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake and has exhibited his work at the Utah Arts Festival. Chile and Tomatoes is an example of his work. Acqua Pura (1991) is featured in the Springville Museum of Art permanent collection. Patterns, Santa Fe (1987) was featured in the Springville museum of Art spring salon.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

Thomas J. Mulder (1939-). This Salt Lake City artist first became known for stylized southwestern subjects. He grew up in Utah and, as the artist stated it at the time, “spending many years in southern Utah and northern Arizona, I have strong feelings and affinity to the land. So a growing interest in the people is logical.“ Mulder's works are strong simplified compositions in acrylic that partake of color suggestive of his regional theme. Today, he simply allows his most natural feelings about western land and people to direct his brush, and the results are stunning in their rich and honest expression. Tom Mulder's works are as deeply grounded as perceptions of place in paint as the works of his father, William Mulder (University of Utah Professor Emeritus), have been over the years in their way.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah

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