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Kathryn Stats

Kathryn Stats was born in Pocatello, Idaho in 1944. She paints impressionistic landscapes which emphasize reflected light, atmospheric and aerial perspective, and evocative color. She lives in Sandy, Utah.

Although primarily a self-taught professional, Stats has attended the University of Utah and has studied with LeConte Stewart, Ken Baxter, and Harrison Groutage. Her subjects range from desert landscapes to winter snows in the Wasatch.

California Coast (1981) is part of the Springville Museum of Art permanent collection.Torrey, Utah(1997) and Country Road (2001) are examples of her work. Stats was the purchase prize winner at the Deseret News annual art show and has been part of the Springville Museum of Art's national April salons.

Biography adapted from material supplied by the Artist.

A fine impressionist painter, this Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah, resident was born in Pocatello, Idaho. She studied with a number of Utah artists and attended studio courses at the University of Utah. Also a teacher of painting herself, Stats was a Purchase Award winner at the 1983 The Deseret News annual; won prizes for her work at the Utah State Fair; and exhibited her attractive painting at the Salt Lake Art Center's “Celebration“ auction, the Utah Pageant of the Arts in American Fork, and the Springville Museum's National April Salons in recent years. Her specialization is landscape scenes in oil technique.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.

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