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Peggy H. Anderson

Peggy Hansen Anderson was born in Salt Lake City , Utah in 1939. She is a painter of landscapes and still-lifes described as primarily representational with a dimension of abstraction stemming from her personal response to her subject. She lives in Salt Lake City.

Anderson earned a BA in education from the University of Utah in 1961 and then taught high school art for 27 years. She feels that her artistic vision has emerged through her teaching.

Anderson 's work has been recognized with awards and exhibitions throughout her career. From 1983 through 2004 her work has been part of Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon. In 2002, she was recognized as One the 100 Most Honored Artists in Utah by the Springville Olympic Curatorial Committee. In 1997, the Springville Museum of Art purchased her painting Moving Out for its permanent collection. Her painting Red Birch is part of the Salt Lake County permanent collection. In 2004 Ogden 's Union Station gallery and the Sandy City Library exhibited her work. 

Information on this page was adapted from autobiographical information supplied by the artist.

Peggy Anderson is a Salt Lake-area painter acknowledged by Robert S. Olpin for carefully-designed and crisp watercolor views depicting fine celebrations of nature's intricacy. Ms. Anderson was selected as on of the 300 Most Outstanding Artists in Utah for the past 125 Years in 2004. She was chosen as one of the 100 Most Honored Artists of Utah in 2002. In 1997 she received the first place award from the Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon, at which time the museum purchased her painting Moving Out for the permanent collection. It was among those chosen for the 2002 Olympics Art Exhibition at the Springville Museum. She is the recipient of numerous awards from competitions, among which are the Utah Watercolor Society, the National Arts for the Parks, The Deseret News Art Show, and the Salt Lake Art Center traveling exhibit to Taiwan, China. One of her paintings, Red Birch, is a part of the Salt Lake County permanent collection. Ms. Anderson has exhibited with the Tivoli Gallery, Kimball's Art Gallery, The Museum of Church History and Art, Sullivan's Gallery, “E“ Gallery, the 16th Street Gallery, and the Ogden Gallery at the Station. She has received the accolades of many noted artists and art critics including the late George Dibble who depicted her style of painting as “virtually flawless.“ Artist's Statement I graduated from the University of Utah in June of 1961. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. I taught High School Art for twenty-five years! Teaching was important to my development as an artist. In finding ways to explain the “how's“ I had to examine my own methods and motives more carefully. I found a great deal of satisfaction in challenging young people and seeing them discover the 'magic' within themselves. My paintings are an extension of myself. Beyond the “representational“ there is the expression of my feelings in relationship to the subject. A personal impact and response to the subject is conveyed through a dimension of abstraction, both in style and in interpretation. Sometimes, only when the title emerges, do I recognize that cohesiveness of self and subject, but I sense the power of the response to the subject throughout the process of the painting. The subjects I choose are simply avenues of exploration with composition. I find those things interesting which afford the material to investigate “spatial“ relationships. My preoccupation with close ups and detail has gradually changed to an attraction to broader views of landscape. I find a greater freedom in exploring simpler themes. I am excited about new directions and exploration in my recent works; they are broader and liberating both in style and in subject matter. I believe this new perception reflects maturity and change, both of which are essential for growth.

Special Recognition

1983-2004 - Springville Museum April Salon 
2003, 2002, 2000, 1997, 1995, 1986, 1985, 1983 - Work selected for Springville April Salon Catalog. 
2002 - Recognized by the Springville Museum of Art Olympic Curatorial Committee as one of One Hundred Most Honored Artists of Utah in 2002. 
1997 - 1st place and Purchase Award at Springville April Salon. 
1995 - Recipient of grant from the Utah Arts Council. 
1995 - Best of Show - Red Butte Information Center, Utah Watercolor Society. 
1993, 1990, 1987, 1984, 1980 - Awards of Merit, Utah Watercolor Society. 
1992 - Best of Show - Miniature Show, Utah Watercolor Society. 
1992 - Best of Show and 1st Place Watercolor, West Jordan Council for the Arts. 
1992 - 3rd Place Watercolor, American Mother. 
1991 - Best of Show, Utah State Fair. 
1990 - 1st Place Watercolor, American Mother. 
1990, 1987, 1969 - 1st Place, Utah State Fair. 
1987 - Museum of Church History and Fine Arts Competition. 
1987 - Painting selected as a winner in the 1st National Arts for the Parks Competition. 
1987, 1986, 1985 - 1st Place, Utah State High School Art Teachers Art Competition. 
1985 - Painting selected for purchase in the Salt Lake County permanent collection. 
1985 - International Exhibition to Taipei, China sponsored by the Salt Lake Art Center. 
1984 - Utah '84, University of Utah Museum of Fine Art. 
1984 - Eccles State-Wide Competition, Honorable Mention. 
1982 - Award of Merit, The Deseret News Show

Individual Exhibitions

2004 - Ogden Gallery at the Station. 
2004 - Sandy City Library. 
1994 - Schorr Gallery. 
1992 - Woman's Place Bookstore. 
1991 - King's Cottage. 
1988, 1989 - Hallside Gallery. 
1988 - Atrium Gallery. 
1988 - Sullivan Galleries. 
1984 - Whitmore Library. 
1983 - Pioneer Bank.

Biography courtesy of the artist.

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