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Robert Smithson

Robert Smithson was born in Rutherford, New Jersey in 1938. He was the creator of the Spiral Jetty, a spiral ridge sculptural protrusion in the Great Salt Lake; he also formulated the earth art movement using the earth as sculptural material. He died near Amarillo, Texas in 1973.

While he was still in high school Smithson studied at the Art Students League in New York in 1953, which he followed with study at the Brooklyn Museum in 1956. In 1969, he traveled to England and Wales to visit Stonehenge and other ruins.

Smithson also constructed a Partially Buried Woodshed in Kent State, Ohio and Amarillo Ramp in Teovas Lake outside Amarillo, Texas. Smithson's work is also held in the collections of Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Milwaukee Art Institute, and Neueu Galerie in Aachen, Germany.

Biography adapted from Artists of Utah.

In 1970 Robert Smithson created the famous Spiral Jetty, a massive piece of earth sculpture that was, for quite a number of years, submerged beneath the north end of the Great Salt Lake, twenty miles southwest of the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Smithson secured financial support from two New York and Los Angeles art galleries, and took out a twenty-year lease on ten acres of the lake-front land. Work on the huge project began in earnest in April 1970. Dump trucks hauled in tons of rock and dirt over a rough road as Smithson directed them along the circuitous jetty route where they carefully backed their loads into the shallow waters. When the job was finally finished later that summer, Smithson sat back and wiated for mineralization to put the finishing toucheson his creation. Stretching fifteen hundred feet in length and forty feet in diameter, the Spiral Jetty was soon destined to become the best known contemporary earth sculpture in the world. Smithson's thirty-five-minute film about the creation of the jetty has been shown in Europe and was a regulat feature at the Dwan Gallery in New York and the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. Then, the lake removed the work from sight. But, since 1996, it has been out in the open view each year from around Pioneer Day through the summer.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah.


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