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Solon H. Borglum

Solon Hannibal Borglum, the younger brother of Gutzon Borglum, was born in Ogden, Utah in 1868. His bronzes reflect the beauty and vitality of the west. He died in Stamford, Connecticut in 1922. 

Solon Borglum studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy 1895–97 with Louis Rebisso. He arrived in Paris where he studied in Paris with Emmanuel Frémiet in 1897. His works reflect Rodin's impressionistic influence.

While in Paris he won Salon awards for his pieces, Lassoing Wild HorseStampede of Wild Horses,and The Lame Horse. Other notable works are Bucking Broncos (1898), The Bronco Buster (1901), and Bucky O'Neil (1907). Borglum exhibited seven sculptures at the Armory Show of 1913 in New York City. 

Biographical information on this page was adapted from Artists of Utah.

Solon Borglum, the brother of Gutzon Borgulum was born in Ogden. Moving eastward later, the younger Borglum worked as a cowboy in the mid 1800s while Gutzon was in school. Solon's older brother returned to this country in 1893 from Paris, by that time, Solon was manager of a cattle ranch in Nebraska. Gutzon related the wonders of the artist's life in Europe to Solon, and advised Solon to become a professional.

By 1897, Solon was studying in Paris with Emmanuel Fremier. Borgolum was now under the influence of a truly knowledgeable master of bronze technique and a frequently superb depicter of movement in statuary. Taking advantage of such such an excellent example, Solon soon seized upon a way to convert a like energy to Native American themes. As sculptural counter parts to Charles Russells or Fredric Remington creations, the small bronzes of Borgolum rival in effectiveness the three dimensional work of even the latter. Solon stayed on in France for years to come and also lived and worked in New York City in the late 1910s and into the early twenties.

Biography courtesy Artists of Utah


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