Books and Media Donations

What to Donate

  • Books: hardbacks and paperbacks all subjects
  • Audio-visual materials: CD's, DVD's, LP's
  • Video games, consoles (any condition), controllers, cables

What Not to Donate

  • Journals/Magazines
  • Books in poor condition (water damage, mold, falling apart, etc.)
  • Out-of-date reference material

How to Donate

  • Fill out the donation form
  • If the donation is suitable for the library, we will coordinate a drop-off time with the donor.
  • We can make pickups from lower campus offices.
  • Donations mailed to the library will not have their shipping costs reimbursed.

Your Gift

  • Is tax deductible.*
  • Will be acknowledged if you provide your name and address when you make your gift.  All gifts need to be received by December 1 to ensure receipt dated within the calendar year.
  • Will be reviewed and either added to the library's collections or sent to the Marriott Library Book Sale. There is no guarantee that donated items will be added to the library collection.  All donated material is property of the Marriott Library.

*All gifts are tax deductible, but the library is not permitted to give a statement of value because the IRS considers it an interested party. Donors should keep a record of how many items are given so they can estimate a value. If you think your gift is valued at more than $5,000, it must be appraised by an independent appraiser before arriving at the library.

Donation Form