Affiliate Library Use

The scope of access and use will vary in accordance with the affiliation type, and may change based on the University’s designation. The University establishes procedures for verifying the eligibility of persons seeking to access and use electronic content licensed by the University. Eligibility to use University licensed content shall cease when affiliation ends or is terminated.

The privilege of initial and continued eligibility to use licensed content by persons external to the University of Utah requires annual verification through the University’s affiliate process. 

By University policy and in line with licensing agreements, not all affiliations grant access to electronic content.

All affiliations are processed through University of Utah Human Resources and can be started here:

University of Utah Affiliate Form

The Marriott Library cannot be the authorizing department on any affiliation requests. 

University of Utah Affiliate Codes and Descriptions
It is the responsibility of the sponsoring department to communicate all new affiliations to the library by emailing All new affiliation communications should include the affiliate’s name, affiliate status,  start date, and the expected completion date.
10012 Emeritus Spouse Emeritus Faculty Spouse
10017 Visiting Scholars All Visiting Scholars, Researchers, Graduate Students and Post Doctorates
10018 ERICA (IRB Online) Institutional Review Board User
10021 Physician Unpaid Medical Doctors Practicing at U Facilities
10022 Resident Residents (Unpaid) working at the U Facilities
10025 Other HSC All other unpaid HSC Staff Affiliates
10027 ARUP Employees of ARUP
10028 HSC Contractor/Consultant Contractors/Consultants on contract to HSC
10030 Vendor Individuals or Vendors at the U
10031 Contractor/Consultant Individuals on contract to a U Department or outside consultants providing services.
10032 Other Volunteer Staff All other unpaid staff affiliates
10033 U Designate/Search Committee Members Individuals designated to receive University Services. Also used for Search Committee Members requiring access to People Admin.
10034 University Housing University Housing Residents
10039 Nursing Student University of Utah or other program Nursing Students
10040 Other Clinical Student University or other program students in healthcare related studies at the University.
10054 Bridge User  Bridge 
10055 Primary Childrens Medical Cntr Primary Childrens Medical Center