Author Services

Marriott Library supports authors at the University of Utah! We offer personalized book and journal reading recommendations, finding the right publisher or conference, understanding copyright, learning how to craft authorship policies for your research group, and more. Reach out to the Scholarly Communication & Copyright Librarian for:

The Scholarly Communication Questionnaire

Articulate your original, independent research agenda
Discover the trajectory of your discipline
Strategize to advance your discipline

  1. What do you consider your research area to be?
  2. Are there key historical moments that have influenced what your peers study today?
  3. Are there big changes going on in your discipline right now?
  4. What research outputs are common in your field? 
  5. What research outputs do your peers value? 
  6. What are the research expectations for your department or college?
  7. What questions would you like to investigate?
  8. What works could the library purchase to support your research (**up to $2,000**)?