The Data Visualization Wall at ProtoSpace

Data Visualization Wall

Coming Soon!

The Data Visualization Wall at ProtoSpace will join multiple display screens with minimal bezels to form a single, large-scale digital display in which multiple sources in various display configurations and extents can be presented and analyzed simultaneously.

(8) high-performance computer workstations designed with computational analysis in mind compliment the Data Visualization Wall including software and resources for enhancing project and research development through the exploration, development, analysis, and presentation of digital scholarship and data visualization.


  • The Data Visualization Wall provides users with the ability to simultaneously and seamlessly present multiple sources - web browsers, high-resolution images, video conferencing, data visualization applications, etc. - in various configurations and extents of the full display.
  • With its ability to load and visualize large imagery and data sets, the Data Visualization Wall provides a method for interacting and manipulating data sets without degradation or lag. This ability allows researchers and students to apply deeper analysis, consider new perspectives, and draw conclusions that bridge inquiry and exploration across multiple disciplines.
  • The Data Visualization Wall has the ability to immerse students and researchers within a learning experience beyond their field of view. Immersion at this level invites users to consider perspectives and questions about what they are exploring in different ways.
  • The Data Visualization Wall provides a dynamic, interactive, hands-on learning environment that simultaneously enhances research, encourages, active learning, and bolsters collaboration between faculty and students.
  • Present and demonstrate multiple sources (analog, digital, web browser, and IP-based) simultaneously, displayed across the full expanse of the 9'x16' (144sf) video wall.
  • Load high-resolution images - such as DNA strands or deep space photogrammetry - and view them in 4K resolution. Zoom in and out smoothly, without lag or degradation.
  • Use pre-set display templates and/or resize and move content windows on the fly.
  • Plug in a personal laptop or mobile device as a separate source for the display.
  • Pre-program multiple video clips, images, text, and other data on a loop and share when the video wall is not in active use.
  • View multiple gaming consoles on individual screens during live e-sports events.
  • Visualize the live feed of what individuals are experiencing through VR headsets.
  • While we are excited to offer this new, innovative resource to both faculty and students, the Data Visualization Wall, and our understanding about its potential uses, is still in development. In the coming weeks, we will be developing a user policy, training tools, and a request system in anticipation of its public use during the Spring 2023 Semester.
  • We encourage individuals interested in this resource to fill out this Google form to request to be kept up to date on the Data Visualization Wall's progress.