Advertising Policy

  1. Policy Scope

    1. To outline policies and procedures for campus units posting advertisements in or on Marriott Library property.
  2. Definitions
    1. Campus Unit – Any college, center, program, department, etc. that falls under the University of Utah 

    2. Library Space Partners – Campus units that have offices within the library. 

    3. Recognized Student Organizations – All student groups who register with, and receive recognition from Student Leadership & Involvement. 

  3. Policies
    1. Advertising space can be requested by a campus unit, library space partner, or a recognized student 
organization only. 

    2. Campus units must apply for advertising space within the library using the Advertising Request Form. 

    3. Advertising Spaces available include:
      1. Easel posters at the west and east entrances (1 poster per level) 

      2. A-frame signs inside of the library (up to two A-frames) 

      3. Community donation box at the east entrance or west entrance (one per entrance)
    4. Requests will be reviewed based on availability and this may be influenced by the level of activity occurring in the library at the time. 

    5. Campus units must provide their own advertising and must be ready for display. 

    6. The library’s graphic design team will not provide design or printing services. 

    7. Design should meet the library and University specifications. 

    8. The library reserves the right to deny installation of advertising if design specifications are not met. 

    9. Materials must be delivered to the Events and Scheduling Manager at least one business day prior to 
the reservation. 

    10. The library is not responsible for theft or damage of materials. 

    11. The library cannot guarantee that materials will be returned to the owner. 

    12. Library space partners must clear any signage and advertising requests with the Library Facilities & 
Operations Director. 

    13. Advertising in any other interior library space must be approved by the Marketing & PR Director and 
Dean and University Librarian. 

    14. Requests to advertise by groups outside of University units must be approved by the Marketing & PR 
Director and Dean and University Librarian. 

  4. Responsibility

    1.  Policy Owner: Marketing and Public Relations, Library Facilities
  5. History
    1. Current Version Approved by Marriott Library Executive Committee on October 31, 2016
    2. Reviewed and approved by Marriott Library Executive Committee June 8, 2020.
    3. Reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel on November 3, 2016 

    4. Date: November 14, 2016 

    5. Updated: May 20, 2020

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