Researcher and Author Services

Marriott Library supports the development and transfer of new knowledge by providing information and services about the various stages of research and authorship. The services are informed by the fundamentals of academic authorship developed by Allyson Mower

The Scholarly Communication Reference Interview

Articulate your original, independent research agenda

Discover the trajectory of your discipline

Strategize to advance your discipline

  1. What do you consider your research area to be?
  2. Are there key historical moments that have influenced what your peers study today?
  3. Are there big changes going on in your discipline right now?
  4. What research outputs are common in your field? 
  5. What research outputs do your peers value? 
  6. What are the research expectations for your department or college?
  7. What questions would you like to investigate?
  8. What works could the library purchase to support your research (**up to $2,000**)?
  9. Which library service would further your research?

If you would like to talk through these questions in person or discuss library funding and purchasing options that would best support your research, use Allyson Mower's contact information on the right to set up an appointment. You can also drop-in during office hours.